Air Valve Question

I’m looking into getting a new air valve and I wanted to know can you mount these in any direction. The new spot I’m looking to locate my valve will not allow me to mount it level, it will be up vertical. The valve I am going to buy is the smc 1/2 high flow valve.

yes you can mount the valve any direction

Sweet thank you!

quick and easy… 7 is right any direction

1/2 valve ftmfw :slight_smile:

Well I have the 1/2 right now, but it’s the “hornblasters” one. It’s mounted under my truck and I am pretty sure it is the reason behind the high pitch problem myself and a few others are having. So. once I replace and relocate this valve. I will let everyone know if that was the problem to the high pitch sound with the shockers

i have the hornblasters 1/2" valave and it works great!

Well like I said mine is under my truck and exposed to water and other things. Recently, the sound has started and recently the sound has become more frequent. The only change that I have noticed is that it has been raining A LOT more up here and also, I went mudding a few weeks ago. The valve has been acting up ever since, I push the button and nothing will happen and i will have to tap the button a few times to get the valve to open. When it finally opens I get that horrible high pitch sound. So, I am going to replace that valve and re locate it and see if that solves the problem…

How about backwards? input and output reversed if that’s possible…lol

Nope, everything is installed fine. The horns worked fine for about 5 months and up until about a month ago, everything was fine. The only difference is that it has rained a lot more and I went mudding for the first time since I had the horns. Ever since mudding, its a guarantee that the first time the horns blow it will be that noise. Sometimes they wont even go at all I have to hit my button 2-3 times. All the wiring is done correctly and is still connected

id check my ground connnection on that solonoid first :cool: