Air Zenith Compressor

ok so i know pretty much everybody here owns a viair compressor and i’m in no way trying to talk down on them or oasis because they are both badass companies and viair’s sales kinda speak for themself. with that said i went out on a limb and purchased an AZ compressor a while back directly through AZ. the silver one was on backorder so as an apology they sent me the relay, pressure switch, and cooling fan free which is awesome…unlike the purple color i ended up with HAHA! anyway, on to the good stuff. it is huge! shipping weight was 18 lbs. this compressor has done nothing but impress me so far. it took about 3 and a half minutes to fill my 5 gallon tank from 0-175 psi. refill time is juuuuust under 1 minute 30 seconds which is basically twice as fast as my last compressor. also, i believe it pulls around 35 amps continuous? dont quote me on that but i think thats what it is. the cooling fan works like a champ; after the comp filled the tank up from 0-175 psi i could leave my hand on the compressor head without scalding myself. the only thing i dont like so far how loud it is! when it turns on, you KNOW it turned on as does anyone sitting at the stoplight around you. i was a little worried and still kinda am (not gonna lie) about the problems AZ had in the past. then again, they have redesigned the new pumps from what i’ve read in other forums and nobody is having issues anymore so i can only hope to be so lucky. sorry for jumping around so much i dont feel like putting everything in proper order lol but i hope this helps somebody :smiley:

I truly hope your purchase works out for you.

If you would like to further quiet the compressor, consider remote-mounting the air filter and rethinking the isolators to some degree. A thick piece of additional rubber under each corner will help tremendously, and the remote mounted filter can quiet things by up to 20%. Also, take a look at the brass inserts in the mounting feet. If they are exactly the same size as the grommets they are in, you can shave off 1-2mm from each to allow the rubber grommet to crush down onto the brass inserts. This will further dampen noise. -Remember to use nylock nuts for mounting the unit and do not re-use nylocks if you wish them to perform properly.

the rubber under the mounting feet is a great idea i’ll have to do that when i have the motivation to undo the board the tank/compressor is mounted on from the truck bed! thanks for the ideas Lance, it takes a helluva stand up guy to give killer advice like that to someone who isn’t using their product.

Nah, I look at it differently - but thank you Jason.

My thinking: At one time, you either had a VIAIR compressor, or will have one at some point. The more helpful I can be, the easier it is for you to make a decision that will either earn your business, or bring you back.

Either way, its a win/win.

I heard their problem was mostly not supporting their customer’s. I hope you’re right and they’ve turned things around.

Just consider that the majority is getting Viair which should speak volumes!

I did not like My AZ at all. I am very happy with all 3 of my Viairs.

My friend’s AZ chewed up the bearings and spit them out all over everywhere haha

why didnt you like your AZ? just curiously

that made me cringe a little not gonna lie. either way i’m gonna keep honking and hope it keeps doin its job like it has been and if poop hits the fan and AZ wont deal with me…i’ll use it for target practice and buy me two 495c’s :o or maybe an oasis if i have the money around (better hope it happens mid-summer dan!)

Well not to completely crush AZ’s product… it did last him close to a year. Oh, and at a carshow I recently attended, I saw a guy who made a switchbox out of a AZ lol

I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

It was nothing but problems, rattled the whole truck, broke, customer service took two months to send it back, sent a new compressor, that worked much better, which lead me to believe they sent Matt a compressor that was not functioning properly, and it took a puke 2 months later, only problem I have had with a Viair is a leader hose on my oldest 480 which is 2 years. so I am going to just order a replacement up and be good to go. I love Viair for their reliability, performance, and customer service.

Viair had its problems too when the company was first getting started. They have turned that around so maybe in time AZ might do the same. If I didn’t have Oasis, I’d probably go with Viair anyway.

There is a huge difference here between how each company has handled its growing pains. So much so, that you cannot adequately compare the two.

This is why I stay away from commenting on AZ, or any compressor company for that matter. Its not just that its a unequal comparison, its just bad form to publicly speak about how another company is, or is doing when you work in the same field. No one knows the intricacies of how things are handled internally.

I think it is safe to say though, that a company should be rated on the opinion of the public regarding the quality of its products. Between quality & customer service - these are the foundations upon which a strong company with a good product is built.

Very True, we had our growing pains as well.

i am very happy with my 480c viair

I’m sure you are since it seems like a lot you guys use that one.

Nice review James…

Could you elaborate on how these shocks are adjusted… are they similar to the Fox with two air chambers adjusted with a hand pump?


This thread is over a year old. AZ has changed alot since then.

I love my az compressor I use it on my 14 gallon set up at 150 psi been on there for a year with no problems. takes about 5 min to recharge 120 to 150 psi. 15min or so from empty (never timed ether just a guess). I don’t fill it much though since its a 14 gallon tank. my old 5 was just way to small for me for those long blows

evan after that things runs for 15 min its only slightly warmer than it was before it started. never gets hot heck I would not evan call it warm. It has a built in fan on top of the piston (or what ever its called)

I have no idea how many amps it pulls but it came with a 80 amp relay. but I don’t think it pulls any where close to that.

Its only rated for 5 gallons, but I figured that they use these on air rides where they run all the time. so if I barly run it for my horn. it should handle the extra few gallons

I also like that u can buy a rebuild kit for it.