Airchime km250 for sale

As per title, large Airchime km250 type air horn, ex UK naval vessel, looks decent condition with enclosed heater and solenoid. May appeal to collectors on here. Painted in naval blue/ grey. Not sure if I’ve got the means to test it, but keen to try. Any advice/ offers let me know. Located UK. Will add pictures if I can work out how to

Hi there and welcome to the forum. Sounds like a pretty unique item and one heck of a unit … does it look like this?

I’m not surprised. Specifications on the manufacturer site quote an air consumption rate of 50L/sec [105 SCFM] on 8 bars [120 psi] - that’s massive!

It’s labelled as being suitable for vessels between 246 656 ft. in length. Maybe StinkyPete will get it for his Smart :smiley:

Similar, but not as modern. The horn is the same, but has an aluminium box over the diaphragm head. Running around the box is a basic heater coil , and within the box is a electrical solonoid which may also be operated manually. Pictures are coming but initial try was ‘too big’. Will work it out later.

Can’t get pictures on the forum, so have put it on eBay where u can see some pictures. Any advice on trialing it welcome, ie can I test it with a small compressor, can I do any damage by just giving it a go or does it need inspecting before use after long term storage, etv

I think I’ve seen your eBay advert. The pic I posted was for a Kahlenberg KM250. Your model is a Hyson (essentially a Nathan Airchime, but manufactured under license in England). Looks like Kahlenberg may have bought the rights to the horn design because the stats and design look darn near identical. You’re not going to do any damage to it with a little compressor that’s for sure.

I think all the Hyson horns are vintage stuff (e.g. 1950’s etc) - so you may be looking at something pretty collectible. I’d ask on the Horn & Whistle Board for some input.

How in gods name did you acquire such an evil concoction of such explosive power?
Plugged it in today, and worked nicely considering the port is about 3/4" and I put in my little garage compressor. See the above YouTube video. I’m putting it back on eBay. Get it shared please.

Im very interested! Can u give me a price what u gotta get for it?
Johnathan Clark

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