AirMaxxx compressors?

I recently replaced my trusty old ViAir 450c with a ViAir 444c dual pack.

Stuck the 450 in my beater and although it still works great, I’ve kinda gotten spoiled on the higher pressure output of the 444’s.

The same company I got the dual pack from also sells AirMaxxx compressors and claims that they’re very comparable and only priced much lower because they aren’t as well known.

Just curious if anyone here has used them and if they’ve had any issues…

The model I’m looking at specifically is their 480 (100% duty cycle and 200psi max)

Looks good on paper and it appears to have decent reviews.

Elsewhere on google the reviews for airmaxx and voltair however are not so good, hence why I never saved myself some money and went for them.