Come on we need more horn blowers from AL

we need just more people to join… i keep hearin bout other people around my way with train horns… everyone calls me whenever they hear a train horn and are like, is that u! im like no wtf im at work or sumtin… so i gotta find these people and get them on the board

haha people do that to me too. Although it usually is me

haha…yea every now and then it will be me… but other times when its not, i ask them did it sound as loud as a real train, and their like noo… then im like it wasnt me…lol

haha those phone calls are the best

haha i had one buddy who told me to come by the bar he was at cuz he was outside and wanted me to scare the people. well i told him i would, and as i was creepin up, he didnt even see me, i blasted the horn and poop the honk outta him and he knew i was coming…LOL he then called me and was like u just made a poop load of people spill their beers…lol

haha like the second day I got my horns in my sister was outside my appartment with her boyfriend. they didnt know I had the horns and pulled up right in the spot next to them. I blasted It and they both said they felt sick to there stomach it got them so bad. it was great

HAHA!! yea its awesome scarin friends who dont know about it…

It is just because they tell you exactly how they felt. you get the full description and then laugh about it

yep… i want to get the Eye Witness Camera for my truck…that thing is bad donkey…

that would be. or just have camera mounts all around your car. have 360 degree rotation

yea i want one on the roof that has like 9 cameras in it that can get every angle and direction…lol
and has a spot light and nite vision

that would be tight… your vids would be great

yeah and in High Def! that would be honkin great…and have like a 20in monitor somewhere inside that has split screen for all the cameras… and its touch screen if u wanna make one camera full size!
word! i wish i was rich…i would have all these things

haha you would be broke fast… with that setup extremely fast. even if you were wealthy

Buy some Mcintosh speakers then youll be broke LOL

naw i would just need to buy the cameras, which are pretty expensive, buy the recording unit, and the screen and i can hook it all up my self

wth are you planning on doing making porn? lol

my cousins call me all the time “was that you?” ummm no

lol I think that happens to just about everyone on here. at least it should its funny when it happens