All Right...

Pac-NW! THROW IT UP!!! Gotta represent for the stuck up SoCals, the rusty and soggy Washington players…and the…ummm…awww who really cares about Oregon lol

if your ever in orange hit me up.
i have a accord with 2 x hb4h (thats 8 horns) at 200psi
and a ranger with 2 k5la’s set up under the bed
and a fuel cell in bed with 2 10gal tanks and 8 480c 4 per tank
all lines and valves are 3/4 inch i run them at 165psi
(200 just sounds to high)

i can jump this truck it has 3 x 3/4" valves to each bag
2 in 1 out
back is not set up for side to side
1 1/2" for up and 1 for down
i will post pic later need to buy a new cam

(hb4h vr k5la ) k5la wins. well 2 on 2 it dose. 2 hb4h at 200psi is louder then
1 k5la at 165psi but i like the sound a k5 makes more hb4h seem to low in pitch.

well this is all i have to say i rant at 4am when i can’t sleep
just hit me up if your in town i like to hit the shops and scare the sh*t
out of ppl

norcal here :slight_smile:

are there any other norcals…?

i cannot agree with this… 2 shocker kits at 200 psi are not as loud as a k5 at 165…

I will have to agree with CurtisL on this one. My K3’s are much louder at 175psi than my 8 trumpet shockers at 200 psi. Gatta love them Nathans.

nathans for the win!

Nothing Blows Like a Nathan Airchime bro!

I agree

Anyone know where I can get a K5 cheap? I can’t justify over $1k for horns…

Stuck up SoCals? Ok, but not all of us…:smiley:

I definitely agree with you about Oregon except we all have some beautiful coast lines.

you can find em… keep your eye open

yeah 1k is to expensive for a k5 lol

Hey wait…Zombie thread revival!

Oregon is juuuust fine!