Almost A BIIIIIIIIG Mistake!

So I have almost had my horn for a month now and I am pretty much hated in my town for my antics lol. Only thing is…no one knows who it is yet haha! I guess the whole Ford Focus this is working! Anyways, I have developed a habit of honking at people on the highway. Whether they try to pass me after riding my bumper, driving way too fast, or are talking on their cell phones, I tend to scare the **** outta them. The way I see it, I am simply saving them from getting a ticket! They should be thanking me lol. So the other night, I am on I-90 an I see some guy flying up on my right hand side. I put my thumb on the button and right as he gets even with me I start to push the button in until I get that little “click” of the distributor opening. Y’all know that sound! But at that very moment I yanked it off because I noticed a couple of things about this car. It had a push bar, a couple giant antennas, and a laptop in the front seat lol. Yeah, I almost blasted a cop haha. That would have been a party foul lol.

i blasted a cop before…but he pulled over the big truck next to me! I dont like trucks that screw with me…lol

Party foul LOL!!:smiley: yeah the push bar on the car is usually a dead give away!

only time i blasted a cop was by accident and he had someone pulled over… just looked at me

I almost did that yesterday at a stoplight…my friend in the car nex tto me was honkin his car egging me on I was about to then there was one about 2 cars away behind me in the turn lane. I almost sh!t myself, even though I probably wouldnt get pulled over…still. haha

ive blasted around cops all the time… only pulled over 1 time for it… after he gave a lil chase i stopped… got off wit no ticket

no ticket because your the godfather =)

Ima get that put on my car…lol

let me know i’ll make you up a design =)

lol ill put it on my air tank… make one up!

GODFTHR license plate ftw

lmao perfect!

haha…yea but only until i surpas godfather and see what the next status is…