Almost done

5 gallon tank
Dual 480c

my system is also going to run my tow bags, and a four tire air up hose im going to make
everything all mounted under the back in spare tire spot, with remote filters into the cab where the tool kit and jack are, and air quick connect near the back by the rear bumper

sorry for the weird angles

all thats left to do now is wire it, and hope it all works.

-also i had a quick question, on some of the fittings i can only get them about hand tight because they were 90* and of the direction i needed them to be pointing, i used liquid thread sealer on all of them and i was curious if that was going to be alright.

ahh maybe maybe not…vibration from driving might loosen them up…

im not really worried about them coming loose, theyre tight enough where they are and the pressure from the hose wont let them turn, i was just curious if it was good enough to make a seal

nice set up men

Nice install bud. Be careful with mounting the compressor upside down…Heat rises…After awhile it’s gonna kill your duty cycle. Right Lance? lol

'Tis true… heat rises, and there’s a reason that the head of the compressor looks like a heatsink. When a compressor is run upside down, the heat has nowhere to go, and will heat soak the motor- compromising duty cycle.

We’ll have these in stock very soon… Our own design… that will allow horizontal mounting to a frame rail and fits every compressor in our lineup from a 275C all the way up to a 495C… powder coated black.

They’ll be cost effective at less than $20 apiece.

if you can pm me or something when you get them in thatd be awesome, i tried moving the brackets so the compressor would be on its side, i got it all to work but i couldnt fit a wassher over the scew, so the grommet could just be pulled off. So i just put it back to normal

a couple more pics

this is in there too

sucks though because my radiator just went out … so i have to get a new one on monday

i will have a youtube up by the end of the week with my set up vs. an f150 with k3la on nitrogen