Almost lost my house today.

Fire got a bit close for confort. and to make things worse my battery in my truck was dead so I had to hurry up and jump it then get the hell out of there!

We had to watch a house just up the hill from us burn down last weekend. Flames were 20 to 30 foot at peak. It’s scary when you see how quickly it all happens. Glad to see you’re all safe man.

Yeah I was scared shitless at how quick it was spreading. I will take a video of how close it got. If the winds were blowing south, I wouldn’t have a place to call home right now. scary thought.

Holy tits that is close! Luck is on your side that’s for sure. Glad to see they got it under control quick and you still have a house!

Thanks. Pretty scary yesterday.

well guys here is an aftermath video I shot this morning.

Don’t mean to keep adding to the fire here but here is a photo one of my neighbors took down the hill from me. I borrowed it off her fb. cough borrowed. anyway

I seriously though the house right next to mine was on fire which is why you heard me kind of in a panic.

Hey. Glad your ok matey!
In the first part of the video, I thought it was a plane on fire coming down, but then worked out, it must be dropping water or some kind of chemical to suppress the fire?

The firefighter pilots that handle the planes and helicopters are absolutely amazing and spot on almost every time. Kudos to all firefighters that put their life in harms way to protect as many homes as they can!!!

Yeah they dropped fire retardent on it of some kind.

God Bless them! I heard there is another fire In So cal some where? Man we are having a lot of them.