Almost time to say goodbye..

Sad times are approaching folks … next weekend I’ll be taking the Shockers out of our little Suzuki Swift because we have to sell the car. My work is providing me with a new vehicle, so the wife will get my 4x4 (with the K3) and I’ll be driving something new in Feb. Alas there is no opportunity to install horns into the company car :mad:.

So… the dilemma was - do we sell the Swift with or without the Shocker install? In the end two thing swayed me: 1) Everyone thinks we’re f’ing crazy for having horns like this in the car; chances of finding someone to appreciate the install are very slim. 2) I just love them too much to part with them. They will find a new home … eventually … even if it’s as a door bell :wink:

So - as if by fate, one final hurrah - here we were driving on the weekend to a hardware store and waiting at a busy underpass. Someone starts beeping their horn for the fun of it (you know the classic rhythm; 5 short beeps followed by a pause and then two more) - “meep, beep, beep, beep, beeeep - beep,beep”. Others start joining in and soon there were about 3 or four cars beeping.
<enter stage left - one little Suzuki Swift and the Shockers XL>
“meeep , meeeeep” - HOOOOONK!
<stunned silence> … as everyone is craning their neck to see where THAT came from. Meanwhile me and the wife are sitting there chuckling uncontrollably. First I was ruing the fact we weren’t in the 4x4 with the K3, but heck I was having more fun than a kid in a candy store.

Anyway, the whole cycle repeated about 4 or five times. I must have drained that tank at least 3 times before the lights changed.

Damn… I’m gonna miss those horns.

Known as a “Shave and a haircut”.
Quick vid:

G/L finding a new home for your Shockers!

Methinks you need to rig up a portable setup that runs off the cigarette lighter … for use in the company car. :slight_smile:

Well there ya go. Didn’t know that … learn something everyday don’t we. Thanks E2E.

Had a hard time putting my shockers up for sale. :frowning: But the good news is, there is a package coming with a new horn in it… evil Grin

Well… the deed is done. The horns are out, but - what’s wrong with this picture :eek:

She was tucked in a bit too tight against the radiator. Me thinks the heat-gun doctor will have to pay that poor horn a visit over Christmas.


10 minutes with a heat gun, a pair of welding gloves and a metal pipe. Not perfect… but eh, a lot better. Try doing that with a metal horn :cool:. Go the Shockers.

A metal horn wouldn’t have needed it. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, you speak the truth sir. Perhaps not from a hot radiator, but the 25 bell on my RS3 had a similar hefty crease and man was that sucker hard to work out :wink:

Putting my K3’s in the Trunk of my Honda with a hole cut out on the bottom of the trunk floor. Specially after seeing that :eek:

I’m assuming that’s not covered under their warranty?