Always check your fuses/relays before changing components...

Welp, I installed my Air Zenith OB2 compressor, but I neglected to switch out my components that couldn’t handle the amperage. My 30A fuse blew and my Viair pressure switch got rekd. I just ordered a straight-up pressure switch without a relay as the OB2 has a built-in relay and I already had a 60A fuse that I threw in to replace the old one. Lesson learned! Doing a test without the pressure switch and manually turning the thing off, I can confirm that the compressor not only works, but works very very well. Super fast!

Watch your wire size and length with that big of a fuse. The fuse has to blow before the wire melts.

I’m running 4AWG wire through the whole setup. Inefficient, I know, but required for this kind of amperage and that kind of fuse.

Good deal. That’s plenty heavy for an OB2. Just making sure you didn’t just though in a heavy fuse on some old wimpy wire.