Amazing News!

So here’s the story… and yes this does have to do with the horns lol. Back in 05’, I was a senior in high school and played football for the Skyline Spartans. We ended up going 14-0, Washington State Champions, and earning the number 4 spot in the nation. Well, we were also known for having the best, loudest, and rowdiest fans out there lol. So I was talking to my high school coach a few days ago and was telling him about my horn. Well, he loved it. Thought it was amazing! He said that it would be a cool thing to have me at the games and blow the horn once before the game, once at the end of every quarter, and six or seven times after we scored! I said I would love to and I also asked if, in return, they could put up some Hornblasters ads and signs, pending approval from this site. He said it shouldn’t be a problem lol! This should be awesome!!!

Matt will be honored I am sure. Make sure they are OK with the “Shocker” emblem being that this is high-school and all. You need to film this to get everyones reactions after you cut loose on them…lol…

Its a high school…everyone BUT the teachers knows what it is, principle will think it’s a new high 5:p

I just graduated, I know my coach would have loved my K3 go off every touchdown:cool:

ooooo this is gonna be awesome lol

haha thats awesome man!!

yes sir that will be good aint nothing like pumping up the fans with a nathan k5la in the stands.

u should get all the chics now! haha
i remember drivin my avalanche back to school to go see some of my old teachers and i had all the high schoolers droolin at the truck…
then i blasted the horn and scared em…lol