another guy with horns!

from CA! currently rocking the HB 540 kit and looove them , get a lot of helpful info from the site as well

heres my ride , horns are mounted on the roof, compressor is mounted under the bed and tank is in the bed , nothing special

Welcome to the forum from SoCal and from the pics I’d say you’re in SoCal too. Sweeeeet, do you take it off road?

Welcome. That’s quite a rig you have there! Huge lift.
What’s the channels on the roof for - an ATV, quad or something?

Hey nice rack! That’s a heck of a truck.

Haha, I just heard some Shockers while at the golf course.

yes, the rack if for atv’s and sand rails! heres a pic , made sure the horns wont be hit by anything

Hi! Nice setup.

I was thinking the same thing, although being so spread out I doubt a quad is that wide, maybe something like a dune-buggy though???

Sorry, I missed the post above yours with the pic. It wasn’t approved yet so you couldn’t see the picture.

Woa! That looks even more incredible with the buggy on the back. Must make for some interesting cornering with all that weight up top.

Man, that rig is crying out for a “Get-Outta-My-Way” K5LA. Move the Shockers onto the ATV :cool:

Possibly one of the coolest things I have seen for a while! :smiley: nice!