Another member from the Philippines

I’m Raymond, I’ve been lurking around the site for a few days now and thought I’d stop by and say hello…

Hello!! :stuck_out_tongue:

for now, I have an Ultra-cheap air horn setup which cost me well under US$50. might make another thread about it in a while. I think I have the cheapest airhorn setup here. :smiley: it’s loud but not loud enough so I’m getting better stuff one at a time to minimize the hurting it will make when it dents my wallet.

hope to meet all of you. please be nice to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


WELCOME>>>WHEre r the pics!!!

Welcome, all of the Hornblaster guys will be nice to you but only some of the others…LOL:rolleyes:

all good guys here… welcome to the forums


thanks for the warm welcome, I have the pics in the “my ride” forum so we don’t go offtopic here. :smiley:

Magandang hapon po

got any kamote cue…?

Was stationed in the philippines for a month…

none at the moment. that thing makes you want to fart all the time if you eat too much :smiley:

I spent 2 nights there, 1 going to Thailand and 1 coming home.

The only thing I know about the Philippines, according to my navy friends, is how the kids would dive for money into this poluted river near Subic Bay.