Another New Car!

Hey guys, back again with another new ride. Sold the Focus ST and got a Fiat Abarth. Some of you might have seen the post from hornblasters on facebook and instagram of my newest install. Figured I’d share it here. Still hornblasting since 2008.

Those little 500 Abarth are rippers! The Shockers are a perfect combo for that - nicely done.

Are they still loud given that they’re low to the ground and obstructed somewhat by the cars components etc. I’m asking on behlaf on my own install. Thanks

Brizzal mate! That’s the nuts!! Don’t you just love peoples reaction of driving such a small call loaded with TrainHorns… I love taking the Smart car to work…the confusion on people’s face is epic!!!

Excellent, I’m sure I can look forward to the same then on my swift, once I’ve finally bought everything for my install.:slight_smile:

My last car I had them behind the front bumper. Now being in the back by the road they are much louder and the sound isn’t muffled at all.

I just saw your smart car install a few weeks ago and knew I had to find a way to install them in the Fiat! Messing with huge lifted trucks is hilarious!

Hahahaha yeah except beware! I sold a set to this guy!! Lol:D