Another new ride!

Well, since one can never have enough toys…

Got a great deal on a 98’ crown vic, been working on fixing her up and wanna put onboard air since the rear has air suspension, and since I’m going to have onboard air I was thinking a set of shockers is in order! Need to find a spot to mount them. Haven’t taken any official measurements yet but I think I can get them in behind the grill! Here a some pics of my progress so far, before and after pics.

How I got it


Much better minus the decals. Is that a Whelan bar up top?

Thanks! Code 3 2100

Spendy – but cheaper than the equivalent Whelan, I suspect. :slight_smile:

I take it you’re allowed to have blue in PA even if you’re not a LEO? (Only police can have blue where I am…)

The living room on wheels. Does that rear air suspension make it handle any better?

That’s like asking if better bilge pumps make an aircraft carrier handle more like a battleship…

Yea, got the bar on CL for like $300, a lot cheaper than a new name brand bar! Yes, in PA volunteers can run solid blue, but we have the OK from our chief to run blue/white and blue/Amber. The police do not say anything.

Haven’t played with it too much just because it’s currently not convenient to air up and down. I was running it aired completely down and it was very bouncy and a lot of roll in sharp turns. I recently aired it up to about 20 psi and it doesn’t bounce near as much and it does turn better. Need to read up on specs to see what PSI I can safely put into the suspension. I’m hoping to add just two valves and a on-off-on switch to air up and down, along with a guage to monitor psi in th suspension.

Oh ok so it’s not a complete air suspension, just a sort of ride stiffener in addition to the springs and shocks. If you want to get rid of bounciness, you will probably have to replace the shocks because I’m guessing they are end of life. You could even go full retard and put air springs on all 4 corners, but that’s a big investment for a worn out car.

Haha, I’ll pass on the full retard mods! I guess you are correct in saying it’s just a helper system to the suspension. For now it is working good and holding pressure fine.

Great pics!:smiley:

Thank you! Haven’t had much time to work on it plus the fact it’s been averaging about 20 degrees during the day… I really need a heated garage! Lol