ANOTHER question about cold weather!

Hey there everybody! Haven’t been on here in a while. I like the new look! Anyways, I am up in Seattle and we are going through one of the biggest and coldest snowstorms in the past decade. My horns were working great in the sub freezing temperatures…up until earlier today. Yesterday, I drove to my girlfriends (about 50 miles away) in a torrential downpour of wet snow and slush. I was snowed in so I left my car outside all night in the cold and snow. As I was driving back this morning, they were working fine. I was just testing them on the highway and they sounded good. I tried them again and it sounded like I was just getting air to one of my four horns! Oh I was rather unhappy. What could be causing this? I mean, could it be the cold air, the constant dirty slush getting kicked up under my car, or what?! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I know that there is another thread talking about this, but I thought that my case was a little different due to the fact that one of my horns still works! Thanks guys!

it could have cracked one of your diaphrams, others will chime in

Brizzal----good call

You mean the horns themselves? That’s bad, right?! lol

yes thats bad…lol if you look inside the horn u will see a shiny metal piece, see if its dented or cracked

might just be they’re clogged with all that slush and water going into em…just look into em and you’ll know what’s wrong lol.

get a blow gun at around 45 psi and blow into the inside from the bells and see if that works

is it possible that moisture froze in the lines of just the non-working horns?

I hope that it is just moisture. Because my horns are pretty much unreachable without removing some part of my car. I am completely serious! I can only find two of my four horns! It has been that way since day one. I really hope this is nothing serious.

that’s not good.

hope for a warm day soon and see if they start working again

I was hearin the same as you are. If you can, get your ride in a heated garage for 2-3 hrs. Then check them out. I’m new to this fun too…and you don’t wanna just keep throwing money at it. I think it’s about 0 here…it sucks …

Ok so it warmed up to about 32 degrees today and the biggest horn kicked back on! I know for sure that two of the four work; it’s pretty loud now but I am still missing at least one horn on the right side of my car. Would it be a good guess to say that it was just too cold for the horns to function properly or there was some ice in the lines? I sure hope that is the case. Oh crap, the forecast just came on and they say another 4-6 inches of snow tonight:( Is there no God?!?!?!?! Thanks for all the input guys! Keep it coming.

try gettin air line anti freeze…see if they may help u…

Heres a hint: Try to put a small space heater under where the hose lines are at. Not to close or on a high setting just enough were after a while the water will defrost and unfreeze and then give it a test and try to push the air out of the lines, and keep on doing it until all the air is out. That is what we do with are military vehicles that have alot air line problems

I wish I got any snow at all. We get 2 inches and think it’s a blizzard haha

It snowed almost 4 ft monday here

Are you saying near the distributor or under the car near the horns themselves? Because I have my distributor up next to my battery, the big horn across my grill, one near my left wheel well, and the other two hidden somewhere on the right side.

well basically whatever horns are not sounding off properly or at all, put the heater or just idle ur car. but u are gonna put the space heater by the horns that are not sounding off to un-clog those lines

ive never seen snow…lol

just go to korea…almost snowing everyday starting in november…