Another scare story

While I was home I was going across a bridge that had a sidwalk, there were 2 11-12 year old black kids that were walking home from school. There were minding there own business when I approached them, looking around to see if any LEO’s were lurking I blasted them, They jumped up and faced each other in a hug as they landed, almost scared me because it wouldn’t have took much to have them jump over the edge…got to be more careful next time, but it was funny as hell…

Ok another one, I had to go to the auto parts store, when i pulled up I seen 3 people in the parking lot, the trunk was open and a guy was sitting on the edge, a girl was beside him and another guy was standing beside her. I walked in got my stuff and went back outside and climbed into my truck, I backed up almost right beside them and blasted them…the guy sitting on the edge of the trunk fell in with his feet dangling up in the air, the girl screamed and then looked at the guy in the trunk and busted out laughing, I slowly pulled away and looked out my window and told them “have a nice day”
That was funny as hell

ok another one that is the best one yet. I was going thru a small town and the speed limit is 25 mph and as I was coming up to a intersection there was a bunch of gang looking idiots who had a problem with keeping their pants up, their underwear was showing and stuff like that. As I appoached them I blasted them good, one guy jumped up and his pants fell around his ankles…the other clowns started laughing at him, he wanted to chase me so bad…lol

i had onne of those pants dropping scares it was a lil 12 year old lookin thuggie

haha nice stories!! yea i blasted one guy who was under his hood pulled over workin on his car… he jumped and hit his head on the inside of his hood…haha

haha those are good stories. I was driving on campus and I see this girl and guy kissing on the sidewalk and felt like it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Anyways they were kissing, her hands around his neck, I blast them she throws up her hands, and screams into his ear. it was great I wish I had it on video.