Another UK Hornblaster c/o stinky.....

Hey all,
I sold another set of Hornblaster Horns and am slowly slowly spreading the word.
The guy rang me today to tell me how pleased he was with the Horns.
He bought a set of 540XL Conductior specials and installed them on this.
(he is sending me some more pics)

I sent him some Stickers I had & some I had specially made and he said they look the dogs danglies! I cant wait to see the pics!:smiley:

I bet the handling is shocking :smiley:

Keep up the good work Pete.

Totally shocking with his new Shockers:D

Nate, mate stick some pics up of your Subaru:D

:wink: Iā€™m doing what I can, Dan!:smiley: