Another UK Hornblaster..........

Ok so whilst at the “JAPFEST 2009 SHOW” over here, I woz walking up to some other car stands and there was a que of cars, I dont know how I managed it, but out of the corner if my eye I spotted a car with the HORNBLASTER logo just in the corner of his rear screen, I dont know what car it woz on, but the logo woz in metalic red/silver and he woz just driving off.
Also when I returned a couple of my mates said that a bloke had been over to look at the car and said “Thats nothing mate, I’ve got 7 horns on my car”:D:D

ah i went jap fest but sadly i went up in my m8s civic and not my van.would have scared a few people in the car park else lol.
u going to any other shows this year bud?

Yes mate I’m doing Santa pod, Trax, JAE, basically all of them… So if that weren’t you I saw that means theres three of us hornblasters now in the uk, that I know off!! I feel a UK Hornfest coming on!!! pmsl:D

Wheres Scruffy gone??? I wanna know if he’s ordered his shockers yet??

im here :stuck_out_tongue: pc’s has bin abit ghey recently shockers yet,wont be for a in months lol

Ok mate… did you say your going to santa pod in three weeks for Japfest?

How much would it generally cost to swap out the auto for a manual?


yeah, auto or manual what???

Lol Random post!!! lol:rolleyes:

Hello Stinkypete,

Just wanted to say hello…
I’m in Kent. Been looking for months & months to get a decent setup.
Can I ask where you get yours from?
I was thinking of importing from the USA… Seems the ony answer at the moment ?



Welcome, I’m pretty sure he got his from HB.


Thanks very much for the reply. I don’t want to hyjack the thread so I will say quickly. I am just browsing the “How to choose a air horn kit” at the moment…
Sorry to all for my sidetrack reply… (Thanks again Danh for the reply)

Hey…sorry I missed this message!!!

Yeah, I got my setup from HB!!
Where abouts in Kent are you tim?

My Ex is from Kent, maidstone in fact, she has my old MR2 fitted with shockers.

Its great to see someone else from the UK on here.

welcome to the forum & enjoy your stay:D

Thanks Pete,

To be honest I have been interested in loud horns for a long time!!!

But nothing like the level you guys are at !

I have 4 Big truck horns under my VW Camper (1965) powered by silly 12v compressors (2 per horn). So have 10mm wire direct from battery to supply the compressors!

Ok I know this sounds stupid compared to you guys ! We all start somewhere !!

I have bought a diving tank (for air supply). it runs well over 150 bar. Its Alu so I have had it both pressure tested and additionally crack tested to make sure its ok.

Might sound mad… But there is just no supply of decent stuff here in the UK… So trying to improvise !

Looking at buying the horns from HB and due to shipping costs get a compressor & tank here maybee??

Kind regards

PS would love to do a video of my VW Camper through London with HB Horns :slight_smile:

Dude!!! listen… we all start somewhere… I got hooked about three/4yrs ago after someone sent me a HB vid from youtube… I then bought my first kit, Siege 3’s, 1.5g tank with built in compressor. It served me well & when I first came onto this site, I woz like you, feeling inferior etc etc compared to the big boys, however… I woz happy and getting the desired effect!
I then moved to the shockers. I put them in a MR2, in the boot.

I then sold that to my Ex and she still drives around Maidstone causing havoc!

I’m on K3’s now and they are just “BRUTAL”…so I bought another set of Shockers…

Anyway, we will have to meet up sometime soon:D


Thanks for the reply…

Can I ask if you got the comprssor & tank local to avoid shipping charges ?

Sure the best money is spent on the horns ? Lot less shipping too…

Would be great to meet up with fellow Hornblowers over here… Perhaps a meet say mid summer with others ? I go to Snata Pod a lot ! More with the VW scene but do flame & thunder(if it’s not raining of course). Nat Finals etc etc…

God I have had some fun even with my truck horns :slight_smile:

Cant imagine what it would be like with real loud stuff !!

Santa pod is my 2nd home… I woz at Flame & thunder for the third year running the other week.

Where abouts in Kent are you?

there is nothing over here regarding tanks etc… the closest I found was the air tanks used on lorrys and Range rovers.

Listen, I gotta order some stuff from HB, so how about we split the shipping??? get it delivered to my house & I will come down to Kent & drop it off for you??? think about it & let me know?

Cheers Pete

Thats a a great offer.

But at the mo I am subject to the ressecion and out of work at the mo…

Been out of work for about 8 months… Darn it :mad:

Wife wont find it funny spending funds we dont have on horns LOL !!

Sorry for slow responce. I dont get on the net that much…

I am allways playing in my garage :slight_smile:

Hopng to find a job for start of next year…

Thanks again Pete for the offer !! :slight_smile:

Still lack of cash flow wont stop us chatting :slight_smile:

Mate, just a thought, I hooked up my mate Milster with my old Siege3 horns, but we had no compressor, so he bought a high powered tyre inflator from Halfords for about 25quid, this has no problem inflating his tank to 130psi.
Ok admitted, its a bit noisey, and he has to turn it on manually for about 4/5minutes, but it does the trick! Short term solution, hooked up to a diving air tank.