Any one know how to identify the year of my horns

Does anyone know how to tell when my horns were cast or what train they came off of by the serial number on the tag. Or can someone direct me to a site that will tell me. I have searched for an hour with no luck. Thanks in advance guys

Don’t think so.

great info Izzy, It looks like i may never know what they came off of but CSX, Norfolk Southern, or Union Pacific looks like the most likely LOL. From the info looks like they came off of a Freight or amtrak. What about the year they where built, can you tell that from the tag. Or an estimated range??? Also I never seen any restrictions in my airways, but did not look into the bell orifice very hard. Is there a chance mine may be restricted??? They sure dont sound like it??


yes i have the number but should i post it publicly or just leave the two end numbers off, lol Its not stolen i just dont need them reported stolen by a punk. the number is 240xx If you need the other two numbers i will PM them to you

Does your manifold tag have round edges or square ?
24*** seems late 1990’s

Also does your #5 bell have a small bore or large bore
Does the inlet hole match the other bells…

It has round edges, also i am pretty sure it was a different size. maybe smaller. when i had it broke down for painting i remember one being alot smaller than the rest and i know it was one of the shorter horns. thanks for the info and what does this tell you???

Basically your horn is 2000 era according to my chart

thanks thats awesome, would the 2000 era be restricted by chance? I really dont believe they are, i have seen nothing showing they are. Thanks a ton

Wait are you asking is the air inlet orifice where it mounts to the manifold smaller or the hole in the center of the bell. If your asking about the orifice then no they are all the same size. just the bell hole was different. Sorry i Misunderstood

No restriction
but f.y.I
There are 4 types of restrictors
32 cfm, 46 cfm, 66 cfm, and a 88cfm look down your manifold and see if there is one

did not see anything in the manifold, no brass inserts or anything. Thanks again

Any other questions
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