Anybody have a Tesla Model S? I don't, yet.

Anybody seen a Tesla Model S with a train horn installed?? That frunk could easily fit the compressor and tank. Horns hopefully somewhere in the bumper or otherwise in the front (Shockers).

It might be in my future. After the P100D comes out.

I’m amazed at how many there are here, I usually see several daily. I got a short ride in one too, it went from 0 to 100 mph in 700 to 800 feet.

I’ve seen 1 of the new models. It looked like a crossover utility vehicle to me. It didn’t have the stylish appeal like the Model S. I may get one anyway just to save money because it doesn’t need to be smog checked and there aren’t a bunch of sensors to replace.

Yea they are spendy though. A Chevy Volt is nice too. 2nd generation is faster but doesn’t look as good as the first one in my opinion.
Read your email haven’t read the attachments yet.
I hear the Model S DC-DC converter has a capacity of about 200 amps so it may be OK to run the Oasis off the lead acid accessory battery. Does the compressor come with a capacitor or supercapacitor to cushion the surge?

Since it is oiled, I take it it lasts longer than Viair? I like the filter design, looks much, much more refined/professional than the Viair filter holders.

I will have to see what the floor of the frunk is made of. Probably plastic so may not be strong enough to mount an Oasis in there without ripping up the Frunk when I take corners and speed bumps fast. …Or Insane mode…

EDIT: 65 pounds oh yeah. Do you have a decibels rating? How long is the warranty? Brushless motor?

Our 12V motors use brushes and have a surge current of 260 amps for < 1/4 of a second. There isn’t any built in surge protection because the battery is basically a big capacitor. (brushless motors start slowly and build up speed so any surge is minimal)

Our compressors are oil lubricated and the discharge rate varies by temperature, which is a result of run time, pressure, and environment.

They have a life expectance of 2500 operating hours, Viair’s is 500 operating hours, and they’re 4 times faster which means you get over 20 times more work from them.

The Performance Air Filter (PAF) was discontinued because every order from the vendor had something wrong. We went back to the Solberg, 3/8 NPT, black canister with twist to lock cover, and #06 paper filter element. It has more than enough air flow capability for any 12V air compressor.

The only db measurement (83 db) was taken 1 meter from the test station, which is in a corner without any dampening. An article in an off road magazine compared 12V air compressors and the author said ours was a little quieter than most of the others.

The warranty is 1 year for material and workmanship defects only. It doesn’t cover defects caused by the installation or a lack of maintenance.

Ah, since uses oil, I need an oil catcher. Not a big deal.

Warranty, would really want a ~5 year warranty with a on-time counter caveat, since this is a premium product. Thanks anyway.

The PAF looks professional. Do you have a picture of the Solberg air filter? Good if it locks better than the Viair filter container.

I could see a 5 year warrany if the price for each compressor was $20,000+, like a car, and if that was the case we could make it bullet proof.

I’ll send the air filter picture via e-mail.