anybody install on a jeep wrangler jk

Specifically a 2012 or newer and I just need to know where and how to mount the trumpets. The rest I think I have figured out. I was thinking over the rear diff. Over course accounting for flex and axle travel.

Thanks in advance

Good morning Discostu!

I just went on the site to the install page and found two jeeps with installs that may be able to give you some ideas. They are not necessarily the best installs, but they get the job done!

Here are the links!
Steve’s 2010 Wrangler

Gavan’s 1995 Wrangler

yea I saw those haha, I can’t figure out how im going to mount them. Im avoiding trying to drill in the jeeps frame and body.

What kind of horns? Shockers or Nathan’s or ???

Also what size tank and compressor??

I’m back, so my ghetto setup survived winter but I can’t stand it anymore, so I took the compressor and tank out, for a better fit an finish. I had them both mounted in the back of the jeep on 2X4’s, now I’m looking at putting the compressor and tank into a box with sound insulation to quiet things down abit. SO far I’ve looked into take a small plastic toolbox for the air tank, drilling holes and then a second small battery box for the compressor on top. Trouble is I want to maximize space in my jeep and avoid drilling into the body/frame at all costs. The horns are handled, but the rest needs to be figured out. I have tried a lot of options and am coming the to sad realizing I might be pooched;/, without a welder and sheet metal.

I’ve been to walmart, Canadian tire, googled for hours to and have found nothing that will fit the weird space in the back of the jeep. The kit is the shock 248 xl

Why, exactly, are you unwilling to drill into the frame rail? As long as you’re not milling out huge sections of it and as long as you take anti-rust measures where you add mount holes, it should be a non-issue.

As for fabrication, you could always build a prototype out of wood and then take THAT to someone who can do the metal fab work for you. That’s what I did when constructing my tank carrier. Do your bolt-up with grade 8 hardware and you should be fine…

most rust, and warranty issues. I live up here in Canada and our winters are pretty harsh on our vehicles. Salt is my biggest concern as well the life of the compressor. Another reason is there just is not enough space under the jeep. I was barely able to fit the horns but with the suspension, drive shaft and all the exhaust and skid plates you is not a lot of room to play with. I will try that. ANother issue is making the whole set up quiet, or quieter.

Can you mount the compressor on the front bumper next to the winch? Rust can be prevented in winter by spraying “Fluid Film” on it about every 2 months.

Good thought. I’ve also seen Jeep guys at the beach who have their front bumpers welded to make them air tight with 1/4" NPT inlets on them – to which they’ve attached a quick disconnect – effectively making the bumper into an air tank. Kinda cool!

^^I thought about making some tubular running boards like that, but they would have been pretty big.