Anybody looking for a manual valve?

I got this valve with my P5s and im just going to use my solenoid. So shoot me an offer on it and we’ll go from there. It says siege engineering on it and looks identical to this one:
I believe its new but not totally sure. still have the red plugs in it.

UPDATE!! $55 doll hairs shipped to lower 48 states.

PM me if youd like my phone number.

thank you,

So I’m guessing I have a graham white 353? says pandora on one side and siege engineering on the other. Anybody know about this?

83 views and no interest?

It must be the clone valve like HB sells. Nothing wrong with that.

You might get a better response with a pic and a price.

I want it but have no idea where I would mount it in my 2011 FX4 EB

hey theres always room somewhere! I’m gonna get a new truck in 6 months so I wont be using it.

What size is the fittings?

Should be 1/2" female NPT in & out.

^^ yep 1/2" NPT

I am interested in it, but only if its a “metered” valve.
Some of the 353 series valves are not metered.
They are either off or all on.
You cant feather them like a ball valve.

If you can confirm its a metered valve, I am game.
Do you know what you want for it.
I seen one sell on eBay a few weeks ago for $81.

Please let me know.
Yo can reach me faster by email: deanc24 at hotmail dot com


i have the “clone” GW valve and mine is a metered one. I can feather it or go full open. i would assume his is the same.

Clone, huh?
Not familiar enough with the train horn stuff to even know there was a clone.

So, how are these quality wise, compared to the real ones?
1/2" inlet ports?

Thanks for the heads up.
Would hate to pay full price for a kock-off.

Well the GW valve is the true valve that on trains… The "clone " as i call it is made to look, feel, operate the same as the gw but cost is much less. Now i havent used a actual gw ever so i cant comment of how it is but i am happy with the knock off one.

whats the going rate for a clone?
and what key words would I use to search with, if I was looking for one?


Here is our Hornblasters Manual Valve. They work just the same :slight_smile:

didn’t even know…

Thanks Melissa!

No problem. If you have any other questions, let me know :slight_smile: I am here to help!

Check out this thread -

Awesome DBO. Thanks for finding that. :smiley:

idk how to tell if it is metered. It’s a new graham white 353 clone just like the clone hornblasters one.