anybody use a york ac compressor for onboard air

i have a 91 suburban with a york ac compressor mounted to the engine with a longer serpentine belt. setup has a 5 gallon air tank that used to be one of the red emergency air tanks you buy at autozone to put in the back to air up tires. i could not see spending 100 bucks for a tank when i can buy that tank for $25. i also have a psi gauge out of a semi in the dash with a switch to engage/disengage the compressor clutch. i usually run up to 150 psi. i have a valve in the floor by the seat to work a set of united pacific 3 trumpet chrome horns on the frame, not quite true nathan/leslie train horns but still loud as crap and have a set of dual trumpet air horns on the roof with a semi style pull cord for them. also doubles to air up flats, run impact wrenches. i want to know if anybody else has a setup even remotely similar

i run viair compressors for now

If you’re interested in a brand new York (ET210) that has been modified with oil control rings, a finned head with 3/8 NPT female ports, and an oil level sight glass, we have them for $650.
This modification reduces the oil discharge to 1 ounce every 50 hours vs. 1 ounce every hour like the non-modified ones. Unfortunately the oil level sight glass is on the opposite end of the crankshaft so it faces toward the engine when mounted making it hard to see without a mirror.
I know that quite a few off roaders that like to use that set up. I think I saw a few people talk about that on another forum.
A company in Burbank, CA, called Kilby Enterprises, specializes in engine driven Yorks.

yeah right 650? just take the front apart and put a plug in the passageway that carries the oil and no oil will leak check out this link

A guy i know has a york ac compressor on his truck running to a 20 gallon tank from firestone,

I’ve heard that it “might” slow down the discharge but without the oil control rings a lot of it still gets past the compression rings.

I say “might” because a few customers who tried that said it didn’t work but they may have done it wrong or were just disappointed in the results, I don’t know.

just look at the pix on the link in posted it seems like it would work quite well

It does cut down on some of the oil discharge but oil still gets around those compression rings and out the discharge port.

Sorry to reply late to the thread. I only run a Sanden 508 on my 2.2L s10, 5 gallons of air, at about 2500 rpms, I push 0-160 within 30 seconds. Sandens can be found in old box style Jeep Grand Cherokees.

What would it take to install one of those on my 03 Chevy 6L?

whats a sanden and where can i buy one

I think they’re a different brand of A/C compressor being used the the same as a york.

theyre not quite the same. you need to run whats called an air tool lubricator in the line after the air filter, and before the sanden compressor. only reason why theyre popular is because they push out close to 10 cfm


I’ll be interested in that York compressor you guys sell if I can find a mounting kit for it. Kilby doesn’t have one (yet) and I’m too far from them to let them borrow my truck so they could build one up.

I’m dead set on a minimum 12 gallon tank and really want the EDC.


go to a junk yard and pull a sanden/sankyo ac compressor out of any XJ cherokee, 84-01. they all are 5 piston pumps that put out 8 cfm and up. the only difference from a york is instead of putting oil in the york pump itself, you put oil in the oiler before the compressor. and theyre way smaller than a york.

but if money isnt an issue and you want a pre-modified one with mounting brackets, by all means buy it.

I’m a contractor in Iraq and have bought a house and two Dodge Ram trucks in the past 13 months, so technically money really isn’t an issue. The only problem this creates for me is the limited amount of time I get to have at home, which is normally less than 30 days. If I can find what I want, at the right price, without it becoming a hassle to maintain or install, then I don’t mind spending my money. I don’t want to buy an “eBay Special” that some moron “converted” and have it fail on me or ruin my horns, so that’s why I’m here … I’ll find EXACTLY what I want. I probably will buy my horns from HB and the compressor from Dan and his people at Oasis. Will I spend more? There’s no doubt that I will but I don’t care because it will be what I want.


WOW that is all I have to say.

I work in Information Technology, and I saw the tech sector start taking a nose dive so I decided to take a job over here. Since I’m prior service, know what to expect, and know how to do my job, I’m getting paid for it. Now I’m not getting what some of these guys get paid, but it takes care of my family, allows me to study for my next round of certification tests, and I’m good with that.

To be honest, I got lucky. Due to the market crash and me landing this job I saved a bit over $50k on the house purchase, and about $25k on the trucks combined. Like I said, I look for what I want and make sure the deal is right for me. It’s an approach that hasn’t failed me yet because it works, period.

At least now if I’m ever asked during an interview if I’ve worked in a high stress environment, I can get cocky and tell them it’s not stressful unless you’re waking me up at 3am with rockets and mortars.



Nice touch! Maybe I just took your previous post like a kid saying I got more money kind of thing. Other than my avitar I keep it on the down low. Tends to keep me out of trouble…

No worries man. I’ve worked hard and earned it, and because of the way I grew up I don’t spend it like I make it.

For my job, I don’t tell people what I know about computers and networks because I’ve been doing it for the better part of 18 years. I’ve probably forgotten more than what some people know because its not used anymore.

I don’t know if that’s just age or I’ve been doing this WAY too long … LOL!