anyone get followed?

about two weeks ago i was getting gas at sheetz and there was a few teens on the pump next to me ( 2 guys and a girl). I got done before they did, so as i pulled out i blew my horns and i guess they liked them lol. They followed me for the next 5 or so miles. They were finally able to get beside me and they were throwning the shocker emblem (barely getting it right and probably not knowing what it means. But lucky for me we were going under an overpass when i blew them. They all freaked out as i drove by hahaha. Just one of my horn stories lol

I wonder how many people know the real meaning of the Shocker symbol…lol

very few I think hahah

I believe it’s in Stinky’s signature…

lol its a limited number of people, the minivan is a smaller number

I made some shocker signs and put them on my cars in forza 4 and got banned for a month !!! Some people have no sense of humour :mad:

ive not been followed but one time whilst passing silverstone on my way to santapod the dual carrigeway was empty apart from one 7.5ton lorry up ahead so i had a little play as you do
When i went passed it he was smiling from ear to ear and giving me the ol pullin the chain action we just happened to be going the same way for the next 8miles ish so we both had a good chuckle :smiley:

It most certainly is!!! lol Plus, the old van was plastered in them and people would toot their Horns and give me the “Sign”, so I would give them a cheeky blast of the Horns, then often I would get followed and at every set of lights, they would toot their horn, to get me to blast again!:slight_smile:

hahaha i like the Van pics Stinky

Cheers Honduhh:D It caused plenty of puzzled looks on peoples faces at traffic lights!:smiley: lol
Good to see ya still hanging around the forum :slight_smile:

Haha sweet decals!! I’ve been followed a few times with people trying to get me to blow the horns. Most the time I get the classic arm pump, I never try to disappoint :slight_smile: the best though is when a trucker blew past me i spotted his k5, well ya can’t just ignore that. So off I went and followed him until I could get beside him, we had a horn blasting party for miles! I’m sure though the people behind us didn’t appreciate it HAHA

I had a semi coming towards me a wire ago around 5pm (holy traffic) and for some reason he blew his horn the normal quiet ones, so i blew mine,we went back in forth for a couple of blasts. No one was too happy with us. cant wait till i upgrade my horn system in the future

I’ve been:

  • Followed; cops thought the horn was on my other truck,

  • Flipped off; some loopy broad cut me off in a solid line construction zone and deserved the whole 156db,

  • Fist pumped (universal sign for blow your horn) because they loved it,

  • Mother F’ed; putting your make-up on at a stop light that turns green makes you fair game,

  • Battled; the chrome 3 horn lost :slight_smile:

  • Stopped traffic; when you don’t move for police/fire/EMS you become a fair target.

I think that’s all, other than a few scares :slight_smile: