Anyone had a chance to compare a real dB meter to a phone app meter?

I’ve seen the Android apps for dB meters, but wondered if anyone has had the opportunity to compare results from a phone app to that of a real noise meter. My work is going to give me the opportunity to use a real meter, once the warehouse manager can locate it. I was going to at least attempt to use a phone app to see what results I get, and compare.

Just wondering if anyone has tried this comparison themselves…

I haven’t but I have both sitting right here!!! :slight_smile:

built in mics have limited SPL capability. probably under 110dB. so under 110 dB they may or may not be accurate. but above that, definitely not accurate.

I pitted a Speer Scientific sound meter against a Moto Droid with Smart Sound (ver 1.2.2) and found the Droid was very accurate but I could not get the Droid to register over 100dB. Between 35 and 100 dB however the two meters were quite synonymous.

I tried today with one of the apps on my phone (Fascinate), and it registered 125dB…but I had to go from holding my phone to holding my ears, it hurt too bad. :stuck_out_tongue: Really though, it was deafening…I figured I was 50ft away. Hopefully I’ll come across a real meter in the next week or two.