Anyone have problems with "Newmatics" on eBay?

Well, when I bought my dual 480c’s last week, I decided to buy them from Newmatics on eBay because they had them for $350 with free shipping, then if you used the search, you got 25% cash back, so the final price ended up being about $260. They were advertised as “new” and Newmatics said that they were an authorized Viair dealer. When I received them, I was furious. These compressors, which were advertised as new, did not come with any original packing material at all. I am sure that Viair shipped them to Newmatics with much more sufficient packing material. In adition, the two compressors were just tossed into a USPS Priority Mail shipping box with a single piece of styrofoam, a single sheet of newspaper (I am still tring to figure out what the single sheet of newspaper was supposed to do), and the two small bags of accessories. The base plates (mounting plates) of both of the compressors were a little bent on the corners, and had to be straightened out with a large pair of channel locks. I have not installed these compressors yet, but should be doing so within the next week or so. I was just wondering if Newmatics really is an “authorized dealer” and if people think there is a chance that these compressors may be damaged. They do look new, and all the little packages with the pressure switch, relays, and other parts are sealed and look new. What would you do?

test them asap and go from there,sometimes a to good to be true… is

Well, I just emailed them and got a response from them almost immediately. It sounds like this is not normal and they were more than willing to make it right. I didn’t realize, but the compressors were actually $330 plus $20 for shipping minus the $90 for the LIVE Cashback, and he said that he was going to refund the $20 shipping cost right away and gave me the option of returning the compressors to exchange them for another new pair. I told him that the refunded shipping would be great and that I would try the compressors and let him know if I had any issues. It seems like they are going to be awesome to deal with, so I guess I should have just contacted them instead of worrying about it. I always assume the worst…it’s just my nature. There are still some good people left in this world.

You know, you could have asked me if they were an Authorized VIAIR Dealer.
I show no company by that name that buys directly from us. Only Master Warehouse Distributors can make this claim unless authorized directly by VIAIR.

Do you happen to have an email address for this seller that you can PM to me please? It looks like they’re selling below allowable prices on eBay, and I have to advise them accordingly.

Uh Oh if they are not an authorized dealer then your compressors may not have any warranty! Might want to check that out with them and see who is handling there warranty claims!

could this outfit which I’ve never heard of , be in the business of buying and re-building bad pumps possibly?something sounds fishy here.:eek:

I don’t think so John… I think it was just a mistake by someone who wasn’t watching what they were doing. Pretty easy to do if they’re splitting up Dual Packs, and ran out of OEM packaging supplies.

They’re still not direct… but manageable.

Well, I have to say that they have some of the best customer service I have ever dealt with. I emailed them this morning and received a reply back immediately. They assured me that they had spoken to the person who packed the order and that he would not be packing orders in that manner any further. They refunded my $20 for shipping plus $10 extra for my trouble and offered to replace both of the compressors right away, if that was what I wanted to do. I let them know that I should be installing them this weekend and that I would let them know if I had any issues. As far as them being an authorized dealer, i think that was just an assumption that I made. I looked at the auction again, and I don’t see anything that says that they are an authorized Viair dealer. I’m not too worried though. With customer service that good, I figure they will take care of me if I do have an issue with a compressor. I feel like the chances of that are pretty small any way, since Viair makes a quality product. I don’t have an email for them, but I have the link to their website, which they are just getting off the ground.

A friend of mine has dealed with them before, he bought some air tanks and bags and the air tank had some small…needle size holes and the whole insdie of the tank was filled with rust. I believe they sell pre-used stuff and just clean them up

I guess it’s possible. If these compressors are used, then I would assume that they were factory refurbished, because they were in the original bags and are flawless. I can’t imagine someone cleaning up a used compressor and it looking this good.

VIAIR doesn’t sell refurb compressors, ever.