Anyone using a wireless/bluetooth TPMS for tank pressure?

The gauges for the setups in my daily beaters don’t do me much good since they’re either under the frame or under the hood :o

And I don’t want to add a gauge to the interior as it would kill the factory appearance (going for stealth mode on both installs)

Been thinking about using a blutooth TPMS for a motorcycle so I can monitor pressure from my Android.

I figure I’d just split the sensors up among both vehicles.

Has anyone else here done this?

If so, any particular systems to look into? (cheaper the better lol)

Doesn’t the vehicle TPMS sensor create power from the wheel rotation inducing a moving magnetic field into power? If so, how would a stationary sensor work?

Here is a Bluetooth pressure sensor that runs off a replaceable coin cell battery.

It looks like the on-board BME280 sensor is good for measuring atmospheric pressure, not over a hundred PSI, so not a good choice.

I have been looking for something like that as well… along with a bluetooth temperature sensor that is good for 50+ feet…

I’m actually going to mount an air tank pressure monitor (digital) in a new center console I ordered for the new truck…

The upper right corner will have a 12v outlet, USB interface (factory for the truck) and a 120v outlet… I haven’t decided where to put the tank pressure monitor… yet…

That’s a fine looking console. Is the whole thing custom or just the upper switch parts?

It’s a completely custom console made by Plastix Plus out of texas ( and they mainly deal with Law Enforcement / First Responder vehicles (IE: Tahoe, Silverado, SuperDuty, Explorer pursuit vehicle, etc…) but they happen to have one for my Silverado and I jumped on it… ($650) so it is an investment… The switches are roughly $27 - $28 each (If you add everything up that I’m doing because I’m using custom switch actuators and the wiring harness on the back of them).

So far it’s coming along nicely… If you need to change anything on the front plate, it’ll cost you $50 for them to cut a new front plate for the console (They will cut any holes for free)