Anyone want to head out to the courthouse and.....

give the Casey protesters a little support hornblaster style? :wink:

Seriously, all the people out there who have absolutely zero connection to the case really need to re-evaluate their lives :rolleyes:

I could barely make it through downtown traffic on Monday and just wanted to lay into it, but there was popo everywhere :frowning:

Good idea, but it might be better to save it for the 13th when they’re supposed to let her go. She’s going to be on edge from a possible public threat and a good horn blast could give her a heart attack…LOL

Ermmmm who is this Casey person?:confused:

Casey Anthony is the defendant who was accused of killing her daughter Caylee. The daughter had been missing for 30 days without anyone reporting it and Casey was out dancing, partying, and having a good time during those 30 days. When they found the daughter, she was wrapped in several bags and had duct tape over her mouth. The trunk of the mother’s car smelled like something died along with the smell of chloroform. I think they also found some of the daughter’s hair in there.

The jury couldn’t find the mother guilty because they couldn’t prove she was the one who did it, partly because the evidence was too old.

ima make a Casey Anthony Day Care…lmao

i would horn them if i was there…