Anyone with a setup in a hummer2 ?

I’m looking to spend around $600 for a setup to install in a Hummer 2. Any suggestions? Would like some info on where to install everything.

not the best setup only cuz horns arent hidden…but its a start

actually where ru located in nj?
btw welcome to the boards!

welcome, ive never looked under an h2 for space… most people make racks like scaredu posted

West orange/Jersey City. I just looked under the rear bumper looks like a lot of room up under there!

theres your perfect kit! plus if you put a coupler on the tank you can run an air hose off of it for filling tires and such…

My wife got the the small 4 horn kit combo w/compressor on her H3. The compressor is somewhere underneath the truck and the horns, 2 on each side, are kind of behind, (tucked) in the rear wheels. You can’t even see the the horns at all.