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If your posting a thread and it has pictures or links and you cant view it after you post, it means it must be approved by a Moderator… To ensure your threads are posted, PM either me or another Moderator to have your thread Approved… This is a security measured used for blocking spam, however it does have it draw backs…Thank you for your cooperation!


Is there not a way y’all can tone that down some. I understand blocking spam, and junk like that but other forums I am on block most all spam and I don’t half to pm anyone. Just curious. If it’s needed do it!


Spam was a huge issue here. i dont know how this forum differs from the many others that i am on, but this one seems to be targeted by the bots. They are still getting on here but not quite as bad as before.

You would have to talk to Tiernan… The regular moderators cannot change any forum rules or setting

I understand that. Just hate that I had to put a link to my build on FFS on here for peuple to see it.

I think it’s better than putting up with spam

This is the only forum that requires approval. However, our anti-spam service may mark your thread for moderation depending on various factors (including whether your IP has been used by spam bots before, the contents of your post, and other characteristics). The decision to do this is final so I apologize for any inconvenience it might cause.

The reasoning?

Anti-Spam Service:

  • We hate spam!

  • The spam service will only affect a very limited number of legitimate posts while catching almost all spam.

  • Any moderator can approve your post and will do so in a timely manor.

Announcement Forum:

  • A lot of older spam bots are designed to post on the first forum (topmost) which is this announcement forum.

  • Also we wanted to make sure announcements were important enough to be posted here and relevant to the community.

In response to the OP. Pictures may actually be posted in most forums. Videos, however, may only be posted in forums with ‘video’ in the title.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me with your concern.


Advice do you have for me, too.

The invisible link has been deleted.