Arizona State Legislature on horns

well i came across this about horns on cars and what the law is here in Arizona.

Since i told my buddy’s im doing a roof mount they all say your just asking to be pulled over. I say its not illegal to have them on your vehicle, even in plain sight, but its debatable on blowing them, and i show them this.

“Any horn or other warning device shall not emit an unreasonably loud or harsh sound or a whistle.” that’s all it says

look for yourself,

My take is that it’s just like a lot of laws on the books.
They’re not used/enforced until somebody gets hurt or pissed off…

CA law says the same thing. At Least AZ is a lot more lenient regarding guns.

Idaho’s says the same thing, and yeah, it’s only there until someone gets hurts or pissed off.

and I thought us Californian’s were the only state with that same law. hmm