J/S in case there’s anyone on here in the future from this sucky state also haha

I’m all alone here? lol

haha I guess so

An old high school buddy of mine is working somewhere in Little Rock, for, I believe it is Falcon Aircraft for about a year now, as a QC person. Reminds me I should call him!

No man your not alone you know Im right here in littlerock the 501

Little Rock here…K3LA…responsible horn user!

NIce first post… make a intro thread and introduce ur self

R kansas

You got the sucky state right. I hate this place.

met megawells a while back and his setup is sick! so is his truck its a new tundra with at least 6 inches of lift and badass wheels and tires. Only problem is he only honks his horns when noones around to be scared by them :mad:

and he only made one post… lol

i know kinda sad. he a good guy though. honestly hes prolly just a little more mature than us lolol

yea i saw him drivin down the road. I wana check out and hear his setup. Alot of people have said is awsome!!!

kris allen wins american idol and represents for us

yea i know not to many people come out of arkansas so its pretty sweet.

Cabot Arkansas checking in. Nathan p3 !

How many people are on here from AR? Be nice to catch up and meet up sometime!