Arrrrrgh!!! Someone tell me what these blasted horns are please !!!!!

I must add these to my collection, the video publisher hasn’t replied and no-one has replied on the comments section or specified previously what horn this is. I can’t match it to any of my soundclips…someone enlighten me please, I must have them!!!

A belated welcome to the forum.

I’m old and can’t tell the difference between many horn types. There may be some here who can. If not, there’s a spin-off forum of guys from what used to be the Horn Whistle Board and they’ll know.

Most enthusiasts like Nathan & Leslie horns. The Shocker horns from Hornblasters sound very close to Nathans & Leslies and they cost a lot less.

Just a word of warning… you might not find much joy going to the H&W board. Most (not all) over there are hardened collectors - the worst type of person to them is exactly what’s portrayed in that video. If you go posting those links there, just be prepared to wear your flame retardant underpants ;).

My 2 cents, it’s a K3 (possibly overblown @ higher than recommended psi).

Put another way, they’re a bit snobby and stuck-up when exposed to people who actually find joy in not only owning … but regularly using what they collect. :eek: Kinda like the guy with 20 Ferraris that never leave the garage … who has an issue with someone who drives the piss out of one for fun and to get laid…

I don’t think that’s fair. It’s hard to throw a blanket over the differences between the two camps but what you say there is not really the case from what I’ve witnessed. They go blasting them all over the countryside as well as any of us - Their case is that it’s a hobby and scaring people is not considered part of that. They see it as a threat to the hobby of ownership and using train horns because people that get scared are more likely to complain to the authorities and make a case against ownership or tougher laws, which ultimately affects all of us.

Each to their own, but there are extreme views on both sides of the fence and I don’t think there’s anything to be gained by pitting one side against the other. The rest of the people that populate the middle ground (e.g. the ones that hang out here and at the H&WB) are far more relaxed about things.

And Ferrari collectors who never take them out of the garage or use them only on closed tracks see 140mph on the open highway as a threat to ownership because people who get scared of speeding Ferraris on the open highway are more likely to complain to the authorities to try to get automobiles capped to speed limits on the open roads (i.e. tougher laws which ultimately affect all of us).

I see the snobby, holier-than-thou, push-my-view-as-more-correct-over-yours approach … as very, very true to form among elitists who seem to think their way is the only proper way. I made my home here after lurking on the H&W board specifically because I felt too many on H&W needed the sticks removed from their posteriors. Unfortunate, really, as there’s a ton of good info there… just a shame the people seem to have their own agenda and push their world view on others. (If they didn’t, there’d be no need for fire-retardant underwear if you did something of which they didn’t approve, now would there???)

I guess you’ve never heard the old story about how train horns came into circulation and in the hand of yobbos, it’s an interesting (made up theory) story of mine which I’ll share on a youtube video perhaps, along with hopefully a talented poem about ‘nathan’.

You’re fairly sure about this then??? Weird that he (in my opinion) trumpets best at that higher psi if indeed he is lurking under their car bonnet.

Mystery solved! As your now aware they were Behemoth Horns…

Here they are! Apparently 152dB???

Yes, courtesy of some digging of my own, but are you sure that it was just a psi difference that changed the sound from average to astounding as is shown by comparison in those videos?