As of today

I am the new owner of this K3LA…

Really excited to get them. It was removed from A Union Pacific SD40-2 after it was retired

let us know if you decide you want or need some of those new internal parts for it … we do carry them all in stock ! :smiley:

already plannin on seein yall soon

Sweet :smiley:

Wow!!! How the hell do you go about sourcing these kinda horns? our horns on the trains over here are all really quite gay!!! (more a beep beep than a bauppp bauppp!!) lol

That horn was on Ebay… and it’s a K3HA by the way :slight_smile: Nice find!

Really? what was the difference again?

<- Jealous

You got a good price on that too. I forgot about that auction.

hahah nicee now you will see what a train horns really is i love mines bro

yep its a k3ha i saw that auction as well. he had it listed as a k3la. farmer the difference is the horn is half as loud as a k3la they really suck and i would be trying to get my money back. they do 139.8 db and a k3la does 156.YOU GOT RIPPED OFF!!!

Man im just honkin with you lol. its just the manifold thats different and other than that they are identical in everyway…even sound

lol ya thats what i thought it was just the manifold… and i got lucky he spelled it wrong

how much did you pay for it?

He had it listed as K LA3 or something… but it still had nathan horn in the title and that’s all I search for. He actually relisted it. Someone must have been a deadbeat bidder last time.

He reserve wasnt met the last time. He prob wanted 600 dollars for them.

he lowered the reserve to 331

nice score!