avoidance of theft...

looking for suggestions on how to avoid theft of my compressors and tank on my daily. compressors and tank came yesterday. just trying to figure out how to avoid theft of them. i thought about mounting under the bed but i feel that being in indiana and driving in the winter that i’d like to keep the compressors out of that kind of harsh elements. only other real option is mounting them in the bed. wouldn’t be much for a hoodlum to come by and yank them out of my bed though. any suggestions would be appreciated though. thanks guys.

one suggestion would be to use cotter pin bolts and locking nuts. if they want em they’ll have to go pull the cotter pins to remove the nuts.:eek:

most cases if you use nuts and bolts it will be very difficult to just rip these off your vehicle so i wouldn’t be highly concerned with it. Also take into consideration that your tanks will be full most of the time if not all of the time. So if someone wanted to try and snatch any of your air system its goin to be REALLY loud when the air is released

cotter pins…good idea

This is an easy one, Hook up your siren output on your alarm to the solenoid valve on your train horn, now adjust the sensitivity of your alarm system. Face it, nobody pays attention to a car alarm going off in a mall parking lot. Someone trying to steal your horns will get an earful when that thing goes off.

yeah come out of the mall and find some dude next to the truck dead from a heart attack from trying to pry off the horns or components!:eek:

get a cap or cover for the bed…

You can get a lockable bed box and mount the compressor(s) and tank(s) in the bed. As far as securing the horns when you mount them use a bolt that is about an inch longer then you need and put some tack welds on the very end of the bolt (if you have a welder), that way if you want to remove them you’ll have to use a grinder to cut the bolt shorter first. I doubt too many thieves carry around grinders with them.

And if you don’t want to weld, just take a pair of pliers or vice grips to the top of the bolt threads and mess em all up so they cannot be un-threaded once the nut is on…

some good ideas guys thanks