Back to the drawing board

I guess i’m in need of some opinions. I have all of the necessary air components for an air horn, so i figured I’d go ahead and buy one… I did a little shopping around and ended up purchasing an Omega AH-300. I got it at a very good deal so i was happy. It got to my house, and boy was i surprised at how big these things actually are. I have an 03 Audi A4, with very little room to mount anything. So now, i need to buy a different setup, that i can actually mount somewhere on my car. I definitely need something that the horns could be installed in separate locations. I was looking at the Kleinn 220, and 230 models, and also the HB Rocker and Shocker XL kits.

I want something that is going to be VERY loud, but with the 3 & 4 horn kits, im not sure how far apart you can mount them. I may need to mount some in the front of the car, and some in the back. Is it possible to do this?

The omega i have now, has the solenoid at the horn. Do the seperate kits have a solenoid mounted near the tank, and then just air line run to each horn, or does the solenoid need to be close to the horn?

If i buy the Shocker XL kit, can i run with just 2 or 3 of the 4 horns?

can anybody tell me pro’s of the HB kits over a Kleinn? I see most people recommend the HB kits, but i didnt know the reasoning behind it…

any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

Picture of car they will be going on

Welcome to the forum. Nice ride BTW.
If you’re worried about finding space but still want mega volume, look no further than the HB Schockers IMHO. I reckon they’ll crap all over something like the Omega. You may have to take your front bumper off but I’d be seriously surprised if you can’t find some hiding spots for them. They’ve been put into much smaller cars than yours.

You can mount less than 4 if you really need to or split them up. They’re durable and easy as pie to mount because they’re all separate. Ideally you want the same length of line from the solenoid to each horn but don’t fret about straying from that rule. It just means the shorter lines will sound before the longer ones.

i had the shockers and let me tell you they are loud. Being that they are all separate you can mount them in differant locations throughout the car, nice ride by the way

Welcome to the forum. If you mount them separately, keep the air line distance consistent (same length) from the solenoid valve to the horns and maybe a valve for each horn.

Thanks for the responses. If I am able to mount them all in the front, what would be the best setup for the air line? Have the solenoid net the tank, 1 line to the front and then a splitter for the 4 horns? Or a line to the front, the solenoid and a splitter right before the horns? Or something different?

Better to have the solenoid closer to the horns.
If it’s too far away you can get a delay on - and a trail off.

I have 2 horns in front and 2 in the back with quite a bit difference in airline length. There is little to no delay. Also with the shockers I don’t know with other horns, but hornblasters will replace them no questions asked, even in the event of a wreck. Ive also used just 2 horns for a bit and it still sounds similar to a train as well as loud, but 4 sounds WAY better. If you take off your bumpers, you may have room behind the crush bar.

Im a fan of your color. Is that a wrap or paint?

If you’re buying the HB Shocker kit, you’ll get a banjo fitting (1/2 inlet to 4x 5/16 out) which threads into the solenoid outlet. The amount of 5/16" line you get as part of the kit means that you’ll want the solenoid + banjo and the lines running to the horns to be reasonably close together. From the back of solenoid through to the pressure tank you will have a single 1/2 line.

No issues with changing that concept though… you just might have to buy yourself some more air line or fittings to make it fit if you decide to separate the horns between front and back.

Also, keep in mind that the much smaller 5/16 line has a lot more resistance and cannot flow as much air. Therefore if you want to retain maximum flow rate (and volume) to the horns you’ll want these lines to be as short as possible.

I have had shockers installed on three cars, and used various air line lengths on each of them. On my first car the solenoid was less than two feet from all horns. On my third car it’s now 4 feet from two, and 15 feet from the other two. This means two of my horns have 4 feet of airline, and the other two have about 15 feet of airline. I notice no delay at all. It sounds like they all chime at the same time, and there’s no delay to turn on and off. My advice is to not worry about air line length at all.

Thanks for all the replies!

I actually got them installed saturday morning, and with the being seperate, i got them all installed in about the same location. I have 3 right under my passenger headlight, behind the bumper kind of facing down. the fourth is right next to the passenger foglight, and points out the grille there. I didnt really take any pictures, because i was in a hurry to install them. They sound great!!! i was a little leary, because the Omega is a very heavy duty feeling metal horn, and the hornblasters are just plastic, but the tone and loudness are amazing! already got to use them on a lady who almost ran me off the road by texting. needless to say, she started paying attention right after a quick honk of these bad boys… thanks again