Bagging my cady

i figured id throw the idea out there…i want to bag my cady mostly for towing my detaling trailer. my car comes stock with the “air ride” shocks that are supported by a stock compressor and the back end of my car is getting lower and lower everyday…plus bags are cool as hell. any one know where i can get them and if i can install them myself? or if its too hard… keep in mind all my mods ive done to my car i did myself except tint and my alarm…

Hornblaster’s should be able to sell you bags that’ll work.

If there isnt a bolt on kit, i dont know if ud be able to do it… Unless ur very good with fab. and welding…

But what time of suspension is on that car?

check out they have a bunch of kits is THE place ta hook you up with air ride stuff. Shoot um an email or call them and they’ll get you what you want. I use them for everything that deals with air bags on my truck. Hell that’s where I got my S4’s from lol

brizzle we can supply you with the 4 bags valves switch box and even gauges. So hit me up and i’ll help you out. as far as the brackets go you may not need to fab anything to crazy up due to the fact you have coil springs all the way around so a bag with cups should be an easy replacement!

bought the rear bags, my car needs special front strut bags :frowning:
got 4 valves and switchbox
Thanks to Rigo and Hornblasters!

he is the man

back home so i snapped pics of what ive got so far

nice bro u got from hornblasters right?

yep all from hornblasters with rigo’s help! fronts are special bag struts that they dont have

so what u gonna u? i want to get my explorer bagged but 1st i want to buy some 22’ rims and then put bags on it

ordered the front bags today they slip over my front struts

Damn this is gunna be sick
What size airline/valves you gonna run?
Upgrading the tank/comp.?

heres all the stuff i got from hornblasters

1/2 in everything, but i think the front bags are 1/4 so ill get a reducer
im going to keep my 5 gal and 380c and see how much air they take.
fallen i wanna see ur truck in person for ideas/reference as ive never dont one of these installs before

Gangsta greeezzils. looks sick. Im tuned in to see how it turns out

How is this coming?

so how is the cadi doin??

yea hows it going

sry for no updates, ive only had time to put one bag on so far

heres a vid of the one side, car drops another 3 inches but not in the video because of the stock air ride is still on

Then last night my transmission took a poop, the converter in the trans exploded and everything else inside was taken with it…

then today my front bags came in