I want to bag my car i just bought.(2001 cavalier. 4 door)
anyone know any websites?
i mean i have a tank and compressor.
i just need to know how to do it and what to buy!!

Here ya go man… You can call suicide doors up and tell em you don’t need some of the air management and they can make it cheaper… you can also just get the front and rear bags separate…

front and rear links

Thanks man. BIG help!

one more thing? how does bagging work? i mean what do you do? how do you start? any how to manuels?

You replace your factory struts/springs with the new strut. Run an airline to it and valves just like train horns. The kit should come with instructions.

My bagged Jetta…

i am currently in the process of bagging my cady, bought my 2 rear bags, valves, and my switch box from hornblasters. My front bags are strut bags that i had to get off of ebay, because they are a specialty item. My guess is that a cavalier is going to need strut bags all around. downside to strut bags is they are alot more expensive. A forum that helped me out alot was over on the site layitlow

i popped one of my bags like a balloon lol lol 150psi into a 50psi bag lol!!! BANG!!!lol

im tryin to sell my bagged avalanche

Hornblasters sells air bags, airline, fittings, valves, switchboxes, tanks, compressors, and a lot of the components for an air suspension install.

Rigo is the Air Suspension Guru here, give him a call or shoot him a PM!

Hopefully, my truck is going up on the ramps on saturday, so will attempt to remove the blown bag so i can measure it etc etc, then I’ll drop Rigo a PM! yea!!