battery keeps dying

i just put the jr conductors special in my 79 k10 and when i turn the compressor alot it kills the battery and i have to charge it back up with a charger, but if i only use the compressor 2 or 3 times it is fine. i checked the battery and the alternator and they were fine. so i was wondering what i can do to stop this from happening?

does this happen when the truck is running? or are you talking about while the truck is off?

Is it wired for ignition-on-only operation?

If not, you have a leak and your pumps are turning on when your vehicle is parked. This will kill batteries in no time…


it is on a switch and it does this when the truck is running.

You say the alternator is fine… ok…
What is the output of your alternator?

i dont know the output amps.

i think it is a 60 amp

it may be that your alternator is isnt puting enough power out to charge the battery and run the compressor but after the compressor shuts off it should charge it back up… so it could also be your battery isn’t holding enough charge

the alternator on mine is 136 amps

Yeah but yours isn’t a 76 lol My friend’s 82 C10 puts out about the same amount of amperage.

You could either invest in an alternator or a High output alternator which will cost you. or you could try adding another battery.

if ur gonna upgrade ur alternator might as well upgrade ur battery too

yep couldn’t agree more.

i concur

how many amp alternator should get?

im upgrading to 165

u know what that happens to me and i bought a duralast battery bro and thats it no more problems even my hids take for ever to take the colors it takes

Built to Last! Duralast! lol sorry had to


i dont have enough money to buy both right now so which one do you guys think i should get first?