Beater Car

Looking for some good ideals for a beater car… My buddy tells me like a 97 golf tdi…
I dunno I dont care…I just need something with minimum 30mpg or more…My avy is killing me…Cost 90 bucks to fill the beach up… So shoot me some ideals…

I just bought a 95 firebird from a friend of mine… has 95k on the clock, runs great tho. Its a 5spd 3.4v6 … Will definately get better mileage than my truck, lol. I’m just learning the stick shift now… No pics yet , i gotta get some tho. I didnt just want to buy a pos … I wanted something that looks nice, fun to drive , and gets decent mileage. And save my truck and gas $…

I sunk $75 in my truck yesterday and thats only cause the pump kicked off… Could have gone $90 no prob.

i need 30-40mpg… either something turbo diesel or regular gas…

ek or eg civic…

focus? lawlz

toyota mini van


OR go green lol

slam it with some rimzoz

I wish i had $90 fill ups lol. my diesel dodge has a 35 gallon tank and diesel is 4.40gal.

How about a Honda CRX or even a older smaller pick up like a 2.2 s10, either could be had pretty cheap.

Look into early 90’s jetta diesel, 1.6 turbo and a whole lot cheaper than a TDI if you can find a decent one.

Because your from the Delaware valley area, i’m sure you have heard of the Philly Parking authority (Parking wars, such a good show). They have auctions all the time. Most cars are 400$ in great condition. They most of the time have no keys to them so a new ignition would have to be done but you’d be surprised on the good quality. Look into it

Or 1800popalock they can make new keys right there…ya ill look into that…see what I can find if cars are that cheap

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I was thinking same thing but then I would need to put horns on it lol

Holy fn hell with the rules at the philly parkin authority auctions…

Thats some bs poop…i just found an auction like 10mins from my house i think i may go next thursday is i get my tax refund finally…

Im glad I made the switch from my truck to my car… still don’t get the best mpg but its a hell of a lot better than the 8-10 mpg I was getting out of my truck

those rules are kinda strict…leave it to PPA

How much money are you really saving by buying another car to save on gas? How long would that take to just break even?

well when you consider going from putting $40 every other day in my truck (even when gas was under $3 compared to $40 a week in my car … its not about breaking even… its about gas taking every penny out of your pocket each week…

See I bought it for a fun summer ride, to save wear and tear on my truck , plus save gas $… I dont see the sense in buying a pos beater… I personally would not want to ride around in a pos. I take a lot of pride in my truck and that will always continue with whatever else i am driving.

if i could find a nice turbo diesel vw late 90s would be awesome…it will run forever and whatever is wrong on it i will fix it…i will also paint it, debadge it and make it look sharp…

just drop with some rimzoz

I wouldn’t mind my next beater being this haha

doubt i could fit on that bike lol

I guess my beater car use to be my motorcycle. I could get 50-60mpg even when I rode hard and I also sold it back and broke even after 2-3 years.