Been awhile since I have been here but got a cheat sheet going

Actually been a while since I have been here. My wife asked me the other day if I was ever going to get some horns on my 08 F250. So I guess since I have more support from her I’m going to go with it. Here is what I have spec’d out so far. If I should change something please please let me know.

Air Zenith Dual OB2 Air Compressor Kit
5 and 8 gallon tank
wants 3/4’’ air line

Ok I got that down now what else will make this a good kit?

What PSI are you going to be blowing them at?

You tell me… ROFLMAO. I want a save PSI not one that I might have to worry about damage to parts or rebuilding them often.

I would go max 150 then, some people do 200 psi then regulate to 150 to get more honk time. Some people blow them at 200(I wouldnt)

Gonna need a valve. Either electric or manual.

Manual, FTW.

It takes a bit more to install but the benefits once it’s in make it worth it. There is nothing that gives more satisfaction than giving someone a short toot, watch them turn into a raging idiot, and then nailing them with a full blast.