Before I buy

I’m looking into getting a train horn for my Ford ranger but I have some tight areas underneath so I was looking at getting the Outlaw 3500 with 3.0 gallon tank or the Shocker S4 with the 2.0 gallon tank.

I really like the Outlaw 3500 with the 3.0 gallon tank (seems smaller) but is it louder or the same as the Shocker with the 2.0 gallon tank?

Which is better and louder:


Thank you

Loudness is the same. the S4 sound more like a train due to the extra note in the melody. but they are just about the same. ALso I had trouble finding room for my 3500 under the bed of my NBS F-150 and I lost the spare. wish would have gone with the S4 because I could have installed alot better than what I have now.

I think I’m gonna get the 3500 because I just got a Kobalt tool box for 40 bucks at Lowe’s. That way I can mount the compressor and tank with all the wiring on a piece of wood inside the tool box.

Plus, I was looking at the wiring charts online and can I just run a wire from my battery to the compressor with a switch in the middle? so I can turn the compressor on and off when I want so its not constantly running. Then have the button next to it to let the horn sound off.

yea u can do that…but i would run it from the battery, to a fuse, to the switch then back to the compressors… and i have my button for my horn right next to my toggle switch for my compressor…located right under my steering wheel

You can do that both ways. the S4 is also a lifetime warrenty

I would recommend the S4 kit. The Shocker horns are more efficient on air than the Outlaw series and do sound more authentic which makes them more appealing. These horns are actually hand-tuned (they have tuning screws in the back of each bell) to a locomotive chord, which I doubt you’ll find anywhere else.

They are much easier to fit into tight areas as well. I actually saw them installed on a Subaru WRX inside the driver rear bumper cavity the other day. I don’t think any horn comparable in loudness could have fit there.
On a truck they fit no problem. There is always a place.

On a final note, the Outlaw has a great chrome finish but most people want to hide the horns anyway. You might also want to consider the lifetime warranty as mentioned above.

These horns are actually hand-tuned (they have tuning screws in the back of each bell) to a locomotive chord, which I doubt you’ll find anywhere else.

Shold you mess with these screws, or leave them alone? Are they pretty much tuned the best they can be?

the instructions say in my horn kit “do not adjust the tuning screws on the horns. Doing so will void your warranty and may damage the horns if mal-adjusted.”

i’ve got the S4’s on my 98 chev Z71 and they are killer loud. they make people freak. i’ve just got the 1.5 gallon kit and it is plenty i’ve laid into them for a good 3 to 5 second blast with out the tone getting quiet.

get the shocker s4 kit… support hornblasters 100%… and they are way better horns… has a k5la tone … sounds sweeet

Hey guys just ordered the conductors special with the 2.0 gallon tank today. Dang I cant Wait to get

haha nice!! great choice desertrider

hey i think thats what i got too! if you get yours before me, let me know how you like it!

Ok, I own the company, I can have whatever I want. My 02 toyota tundra daily driver? Has a Hornblasters Shocker 4 Horn setup. It’s the best loudest most efficient way to go!

hey matt! i got an idea… can u sell dash cams or sumtin like that? that would be sometime cool to get, so we could record our own scares…

video camera and duct tape :wink:

haha, no thanks…i want something like cops use for dash cameras, but better quality…like in HD

get a sony hd video camera and a cheap tripod cut the top off and fabricate a dash mount most cops around here have a suction cup video camera mount on their windsheild

doesn sound 2 bad…but then ill still have to modifiy it some more, cuz im insane like that…ill motorize it on a control and hook the video feed up to a indash screen with a dvr behind the seat…
word! doin it!

lol too much for me

WOW I installed it yesterday and spent most of the night scarring the $hit out of people. lol Horn Blasters is BADASS