Belt driven compressor?

I have seen that jeeps wih a hemi engine can add a belt driven compressor

What im wondering Bout if anybody has attempted this with a 04 dodge ram?


  1. as long as there room under he hood
  2. if there are secure mounting points

those are the 2 i made sure i had before doing the edc project for my tahoe.

after examining some photos of a 04 ram 5.7 it look like there room but not enough for a york. you might have to go with a mopar rv2.

so it looks like the alternator has 2 bolts to hold it in. you can utilize those. it also looks like people can do dual alternator setups and they put them just below the stock one so thats the place to do it. and all you need is a alt. combo pulley to drive the comp.

i would do some for examining of the passenger side of the engine and see if you can engineer up a bracket and or if it will work for sure.

also take some measurements

If you don’t have the room but want that performance, consider Oasis compressors.

how quite are they?

is it possible for a quite compressor that can fill a 5 gallon tank to 200 psi?

I’m running a belt driven (EDC) on my '08 Ram made by Extreme Outback. It’s a modified Sanden SD-209 unit IIRC, and pics are posted in my install threads.

I can fill an 8.5 gallon tank from 0 to 175 PSI in roughly 75 seconds.


how do you lubricate scroll type comps. pour oil in it and forget about it?

Nah, 4 pumps from a grease gun of CV-2 grease every 3 to 4 months with normal use. It doesn’t see much use when I’m away, but I also have a good service tech at my dealership so it gets taken care of.

I am working on an install on a 2008 Ram with a 5.7L Hemi. I had to remove the stock airbox and plenum from the engine and put a cold air kit on to make room for the York 210. The cold air kit is a three tube set off of Fleabay for $50. I am designing the brackets now to mount with the alternator bolts. Have to get a couple longer than stock length. The brackets will be from 1/4 mild steel CNC Plasma cut. I have access to the cutter. I plan on making a couple of sets because I have to buy the 1/4" steel sheet in a minimum size. I also had to modify the back of the Kirby Pulley on my lathe to put it in track with the serpentine belt.

Nashua, NH

I mounted mine on the drivers side and the only thing needed to be fabricated was new power steering lines since the instructions called for bending the lines near the pump. I didn’t care for that, so I had a hydraulic shop make a new set for me … better hoses, and I don’t have to worry about the stock unit failing and causing that dreaded “hiss” when turning the wheels.