Best bang for the buck

ok im getting my first train horn as soon as i make up my mind on one i want
and i posted a thread on the kong mk2 the other day and yall said the shocker s4 is better so i found this kit and i was wondering of anyone has installed it and how loud it was
so just let me know if there is a better kit out there for under $600
and let me know how loud it is

thanks alot

yes, It will blow you away how loud it is. I personally have a 2 gallon 150psi kit and it is retarded loud. 200 psi will be louder so you should be happy. and depending on your honking style you may want a bigger tank, however i have 2 gallons and am fine with it. I just do short blasts and then the tank refills. I just cant do super long honks thats all. Good luck with the purchase, Hornblasters is a great company and in my experience have great customer service. welcome to the forum

here is my videos both horns at 200psi, the first horn is from the same company that make the kong horn, the horn i have is supposed to be there “equivalent mack daddy horn” to the hornblasters shocker. there is no comparison to how the sound, chord, and loudness is, shocker hands down!

good pick…try to get a bigger tank trust all of us on that one

welcome to the forum