Best Buy Rant...

So back on 12/15 my parents and I were trying to find the best deal for a camera for my sister for christmas… Found the Canon powershot SX150 for 167.99 on best buy with free shipping! That was a great deal seeying as everywhere else wanted 179 +… Even amazon…

Anyway, the best part was it was delivery by christmas guarantee!

So i get the tracking # yesterday, look it up and it shows deliv. date 12/27 madshoot.gif WTF

So i check the BB website and it says if we do not deliver by christmas you get a gift card of $20.

So i just call up the towelhead , or whoever she was. Could barely understand a word she was saying!

I explain that there is the deliv guarantee. She says “let me check that for you” comes back to the phone “Sir, i see it is scheduled for deliv 12/27” I said yes and it is guaranteed for deliv by 12/25… She goes “Well what do you want me to do about it”. I swear to god it took all my energy not to scream at this beach.

So i said according to the website i get a gift card if its not here in time. She went to get authorization… came back 25 min. later and said ill have an email in 24-72hrs… All this took 55min.!

This will be the LAST time i buy anything from bestbuy unless i have it in my hands in the store and its a better deal than i can get online!

I would have just bought it in the store if i would have know they were going to screw us over like this and not ship it faster than camel back.
But why not take advantage of free shipping?? Save gas, avoid the crowds …

Anyway rant over

That sucks. Go buy one for regular price. Give it to her for Christmas.

When the late one comes, take it to the store for your full price money back.

You’ll still get the $20 gift card.

Thats not a bad idea, but then i gotta go deal with the lines and crap, lol

I saw an article on just yesterday about Best Buy canceling quite a few orders because they got overwhelmed with them. It’s a shame you were one of them.

I’m doing the same exact thing with a Walmart Vizio tv I bought… The same exact TV I bought 3 months ago is now more expensive, but the current one keeps rebooting by itself, so I’m just going to buy a new one and then a week later return the old one in the box the new one came in… It’s a Site To Store purchase, so it usually takes about 2 weeks or so to actually come in… better than being without a flat screen for two weeks…
Best Buy can actually have some good deals… I just bought a Gateway laptop (I know parts are hard to find and Gateway customer support sucks, but I never use that anyway) and it was so cheap In Store Only, I had to buy another one… i5 processor, 500 GB Ram, 4 GB memory, for $349!!! You can’t find that ANYWHERE!!! It’s the NV57H something or other… Anyway, it’s fast as hell and I’m happy… Plus my buddy works for Microsoft and loaded it with word and powerpoint as an added bonus… Right now the computer is $449+ on the website…

Ok, I have the worst case of ADD… I’ve got all the wire laid out in my warehouse and I need to get this horn wired up so I can blast the bejesus out of it for new years…

Good luck with that. There are serial numbers on the tv to prevent people from doing this. If the serial on the tv doesnt match the sticker on the box, you are probably SOL.

Customer service never check the 2

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I just buy most stuff from amazon cause i got prime, 2 day shipping free and 1 day is only 3.99

I have a prime acct right now also, but at the time it was like $15-20 more on amazon. Also the funny thing is one thing i was waiting on for another present i ordered from amazon is not here yet and should have been here yesterday (friday)… AS of now its still in Pa. So amazon 2 day shipping is not always on time either.

lol in that case you get on chat and beach them out, i always end up with 15-20 gift certificates

and to add you should have seen if amazon would have price matched

Well i called BB and thats when i could barely understand the person…

Buti did ask amazon first if they could price match and they said they do not. They said they sell stuff according to market value and that is why prices go up and down all the time.

Theres a good chance im going to get rid of this prime acct. when my free trial is up.

lol wow you have had no good luck with amazon :stuck_out_tongue:

I buy ALOT of stuff thru them too! And i mean ALOT! UPS is at my house literally 3-4 days a week, every week!
Another kick in the nuts from amazon was the Roaster pan i bought for my parents for christmas… It arrived to the house the other day, and i opened it up and there is a big chip of porcelain / paint off the one edge :frowning:

So i chatted with them and they gave me the option of returning and exchanging, or giving me $10 back . Sux tho cause i feel like im giving something used or broken for christmas.

I havent had good luck this year at all!

wow yea i see the only negative i had was I ordered a memory card for my phone.
I had prime so it should be here in 2 days.
I wait 3 and get on chat and ask where it is and they give me run around and then give me 5 bucks.
Next day it never comes so i go chat and they give me another 5 bucks.
lol day 4 and 5 were same. up to 20 for a 12 dollar card lol
So finally day 6 comes and I say just give me refund this is rediculous, she refunds me the 12 or so bucks and tells me to purchase again and she will waive the fee and pay for 1 day shipping. They are good at customer service if you know how to talk lol

Well after weeks of calling and raising hell since christmas with bestbuy, they finally came thru and refunded $25 for the mess up. It only took me calling up 8 times , 8 different people, broken promises of return calls, broken promises of “checks in the mail”, and I finally made my way thru the switchboards to customer relations at best buy!

What an absolute pain in the AZZ to go thru all this just for a company to make good on what they promise in the first place!