Best cheap($) PA system

Sup guys, I have been wanting to get a PA system with the police horn (like the buzzing one) for a while. I decided last night I was gonna do it. Now, I just gotta figure out which one to get.

I want to get the best possible system sold in the -$80 range(gettin a Ninja this spring and I gotta save a few more bucks). I know that it will probably only be like 30 watts but I’m ok with that. Just something to have fun with and be heard.

Now that you guys know what I want, can you help me pick one out? Below are 2 that I am stuck between. Is one better than the other? Or do you have another recommendation?

Thanks guys!

  1. There is this one that some guy had on youtube

  1. There is this one at horn blasters

Well they both look the same… but the one from amazon claims to be 50W and 115Db which I highly doubt. I’d buy the Hornblasters one any day over that one.


Why screw around … just get the ones you KNOW are good.

theres some real cool whelen sirens…they come up on craigslist sometimes

thanks for the advice, ordered the hornblasters one just now. what caught my eye was the one on amazon was being sold by hornblasters 2 days ago. idk what was up with that. oh well.

cant wait for it to get in. it should be about 20 degrees when I get it and my garrage is covered with dirty snow, gonna get a little messy.

the guy on youtube mounted his under his car and he is by snow, i think im gonna mount it under also. anyone advise against this?

I wouldn’t want snow getting kicked up in there, I put mine behind my grille.

So it came in and I ran to radio shack to get a cig lighter extension cord essentially and I spliced it (its like 10 feet long and was only $10) I didn’t have time after school to legitimately set it up so i put her in my trunk and put my back seats down. Its not that great in there (durr) but I popped my trunk open in my cousins hood and it was actually pretty loud. Cant wait to get her legitimately hooked up this weekend.

Thanks for the recommendation

If you are looking at getting an authentic Police horn, go with the Whelen PA, I have it on my truck, and people thing it is the cops…

I don’t have any sirens on my truck tho… just the horn.

Speco makes a nice little stand alone PA called the Pat20TB. TB stands for Talk Back, a feature which allows you to hear sound outside the cabin by utilizing your speaker as a mic. This could be useful, but I expect if your horn is in the engine compartment, it isn’t going to hear anything but the motor. I ordered one because it has an aux-in jack, so you can PA the theme from Jaws as you stalk your prey with your twin Shockers. :smiley: It sells for around $80. Most CBs don’t have the aux-in feature. Since I don’t have it yet, I can’t vouch for quality, although people seem pleased with it. (Report back later)

Radio Shack sells a nice 100 watt speaker that is durable and cheap. However, it is nowhere as small as some of the alternatives. At around $35, durability isn’t a worry, although I hear they are very durable. Just pitch it down a bit so it doesn’t hold water.