Best fittings to use?


I have somewhat of a home built system.

I have a Viair 444c compressor and a 3 gallon tank at the rear which feeds a 12mm OD nylon line.

At the front I have 4 separate horns rather than a cluster due to lack of room for a cluster type arrangement.

The 12mm OD line has push fit connections, the 12mm OD line reduces via a splitter to 2 x 10mm and then another 2 splitters takes it down to 4 x 8mm as it enters the horns.

The first time I pressurised the system today one of the splitters failed before it hit the max 190psi that the system holds.

What fittings will take the pressure? where is the best place to get these fittings?:confused:

Welcome. If you’re using push in type fittings make sure you get the ones rated for 200psi or greater. There’s a few options out there. Personally I like the nickel plated version from Parker Legris. They haven’t leaked or failed me yet.

Ahhhh, metric fittings?
Are you looking for a source online?

I like the fitting that Hornblasters sells with their Shocker kits, but it’s SAE size.
1/2" NPT male thread to (4) 5/16" push-in-fittings.

Edit: Don’t know the rating of their fitting. The Shockers are rated @ 150…

Welcome to the forum. McMaster-Carr has the nickel plated brass type rated for 290 psi.

Hornblasters has DOT air line and fittings rated for 300 psi.

For what it’s worth, all brass push-to-connect fittings withstand higher temperatures than those made with polymer components … and tend to have working pressures limited only by the plastic/nylon/polymer tubing you elect to use…

Definitely push-in style. I get mine from the local truck shop and theyre all DOT rated to 250psi i believe.