best scare to date

Post them up!

When someone gets the horns, its normal for them to cover their ears. I was driving by a Dairy Queen. Light turned green. The shop was about 40 feet from street. Gave a nice lil blast. This girl covered her ears…well sort of. She has a soft serve ice cream cone in her right hand. When she heard the horns, she for some reason quickly shoved the ice cream cone in her ear. True story…have witnesses.

pics or its a lie… haha jp. that awesome

Twist, I agree…How Did he know it was a soft serve ? I think it was a bag of Bullshit!

haha x2 I cant get over the howd he know it was soft serve. funny stuff

it was a well thought up story… j/k

He has to do and see the real thing in person, I think it’s better than watching youtube!

i bet it was a dilly bar!

I dont understand what you are saying here

I think “holysmokes” has alot of kissassin to do here! I don’t think newbes can bshit Pro’s… I’m not yet a Pro yet, working on it!

ahhh yes sir indeed

I got into the whole hornblasters thing because I seen drops on youtube. I had to battle the wife, but now she digs it as much as me…if not more…


Yea i remember reading your post somewhere that she would kick your A$$ if you upgraded or something but since she digs it you need to get a k3. I found with my old horns there was a 50 50 chance of seeing someone jump and they were loud. with a k3 its 100% every single time. ive yet to blast someone that didnt scream or cover their dome

she = your wife ^^^

Nope. No donkey kissn. Ill save that for when I DO make it to the pro’s. :smiley: Its a crappy story, but true. We were on our way from here to Hudson,MI.
Nothing like being flipped the bird from someone with ice cream all over the side of her head. Question for the pro’s…Why does it take forever to “get away” when you get a really good one? LOL

So there is a HUGE difference with the K3’s? And can I run them with the Valair 400 with 5 gallon tank?

who cares if you get away u should be standing there pointing and laughing… and if your worried about them calling the cops on you just get the license plate flipper that hornblasters sells =D

ahhh Im not skeeeerd. And my plates are kind of tough to make out anyways



yeah bro its a night and day difference. get a k3 or k5 hell id like to see some more leslies around here but youd never be disapointed with a k3.

five gallons is kinda skimp on air but plenty for some good scares ive only got 8 1/2 but i run two 450c compressors